Free Helpline for Probation Officers (and other professionals) working with adolescents with Substance Use Disorder

“The Adolescent Addiction Access Program is a provider-to-provider consultation helpline for Indiana providers caring for youth (aged 17 or younger) with Substance Use Disorders (SUD).  This is a program designed to support providers who work with adolescents who have an SUD diagnosis.  The AAA program is designed to prevent any adolescent from leaving an ED, clinic, physician office or institution without having a firm treatment plan and supports in place, in dealing with a SUD diagnosis.  The AAA program is there for providers to receive consultations, as a referral source, as a provider source for medication management, case management, follow-up assessment support, outpatient psychotherapy and the like.”

Free Helpline, timely access to evidence-based patient care services: 317-278-8434 M-F 9am to 5 pm

Additional resources and more contact information: