Awards From Other Organizations

POPAI Members have been invited to participate in the following awards by nominating qualifying candidates.

Sgt. Steven P. Mennemeyer Memorial Award

Recipients include:

  • 2022-Theresa Gahafer VCSI
  • 2021-Judge James Worton, Bartholemew County
  • 2020-Judge Jonathan Cleary, Dearborn County
  • 2019-Judge Peggy Lohorn, Montgomery County
  • 2018-Judge Julia Jent, Porter County
  • 2017-Judge Maria Granger, Floyd County

The award shall be made to anyone who has made the most significant impact, achievement, or contribution to Veterans in Indiana through their work in the Criminal Justice System. The accomplishments on which the presentation of the award is based need not have occurred in a single year or in the year in which the award is presented. The accomplishment may result from the dissemination of public information relating to work, article written, dedication, innovation developed or other significant and outstanding work.

Any criminal justice official, Veteran’s Court board member or mentor shall be eligible to receive the award except those who currently are members of the Mennemeyer Award Committee. These individuals shall become eligible to receive the award after at least one year from the resignation of the committee. Anyone who is not selected for the Veterans Award may be re-nominated in any subsequent year. Those nominated shall have demonstrated effective leadership or commitment and exhibited a sincere belief in and support of the helping Veterans.

Nominations are usually accepted in late winter/early spring.