Donald “Charley” Knepple Scholarship

Charley Knepple
The Probation Officers Professional Association of Indiana provides a scholarship in memory of Donald “Charley” Knepple. Charley lost his life on April 28, 1997, while performing his probation officer duties in Allen County, Indiana. In an effort to honor an outstanding professional and to promote further professionalism, POPAI selected a scholarship that would encourage continued education and advanced degrees for probation in Indiana.

2022 Knepple Scholarship Winner: Brandi Glenn

Brandi Glenn, Knepple Scholarship Winner

Brandi Glenn, Knepple Scholarship Winner

This year’s recipient is Brandi Glenn, Chief Probation Officer of the Perry County Circuit Court Probation Department. Brandi has been a probation officer and a member of POPAI for approximately nine years. Brandi is pursuing a Master of Social Work Degree from Indiana Wesleyan University and is currently maintaining a 3.8 GPA.

Brandi stated “A master’s degree in social work will allow me to expand my knowledge and skills in the rehabilitation of clients. Because of the critical life events that have taken place in my life, this degree has helped me take those events and make me into an authentic leader. Some of those life events include trauma as a child, substance abuse in my family, and loss. All things that our clients face. It allows me to serve the community based on my own experiences to help guide them to a more successful life. It gives me a better perspective on assisting them to change the struggles in their life into positive attributes. Showing clients empathy and compassion and looking at them from a social worker’s standpoint instead of just a criminal perspective can be the key to connecting with that client and getting them to see their worth.”

Knepple Scholarship Recipients

2022 Brandi Glenn

2021 Sarah Lochner and Alexis Stogdill

2020 Patrick Hillenburg

2019 Elizabeth Darenski

2018 Naara Olivero

2017 Rachael A. Scott

2016 Parker Stouffer

2015 Patrick O’Neill

2014 Ryan Hull

2013 Cara Gilmore

2012 Shashan DeYoung

2011 Stephen Pastore

2010 Brian Guerre

2009 CJ Miller

2008 Sherry Porter

2007 Danielle Gibbs

2006 Jeff Yoder

2005 DeJuan Jordan

2004 Janice A. Wade

2003 Terri L. Bodine

2002 Christine Kerl

2001 Lisa Swedarsky

2000 Ross Carothers

1999 Kimberly Zakutansky

1998 Brian Armstrong