Indiana Probation and Probation Officer Salaries

Minimum Salary Schedules for Probation Officers adopted by the Board of Directors of the Judicial Conference of Indiana

The Final Reports of the Probation Study Committees

In 1984, there was minimum salary schedule passed by the Board of Directors, but only to be used if the Probation subsidy was funded.  The Probation subsidy was not funded.  However, in 1985, the General Assembly did create and study committee on probation.

The first mandate action based on the 1989 Minimum Salary Schedule for Probation Officers was Morgan Circuit Court v. Morgan County Council, 550 N.E.2d 1303 (Ind. 1990).  The order mandating the salaries of the probation officers was affirmed.

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Minimum Salary Schedule for Probation Officers from 2004 to current