What is POPAI?

The Probation Officers Professional Association of Indiana, Inc. was established in 1985 by a group of Chief Probation Officers from throughout Indiana who were concerned about soaring caseloads, low pay, and dangerously high probation officer turnover in the State of Indiana.

Our membership is comprised of individuals involved in all areas of probation services: administrators, line probation officers, supervisory staff, community corrections/probation officers, detention/probation personnel, and support staff.  In addition to those active members, our extended memberships include retired probation officers, support staff, and those individuals who have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to the field of probation.

Our association also offers corporate memberships to organizations who assist in the delivery of quality probation services.

Vision: To champion probation as a vital part of the criminal justice system.
Mission: To promote, support, and grow the profession of probation in Indiana by collaborating with criminal justice partners, advancing and protecting the interests of our membership, and providing education and professional development opportunities in the use of evidence-based community supervision practices.

Association Goals

  • Add value to the profession of probation
  • Commitment to continuing education for membership
  • Promote collaboration amongst criminal justice partners
  • POPAI will communicate on a regular basis with its members to add value to the membership

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