Individual Membership

POPAI Individual Membership Types

Probation Officer Membership – ($30) Probation Officer membership shall be limited to Certified persons currently employed as Probation Officers in the State of Indiana.

Associate Membership – ($15) Associate membership shall be awarded to individuals who are former Probation Officers in Indiana who do not qualify for a Life Membership; interns or support staff currently involved in the delivery of probation services in Indiana; community corrections staff who are not Certified Probation Officers; and students currently enrolled in a college or university in Indiana with an interest in criminal justice or a related field.

Honorary Membership – ($0) Honorary membership shall be awarded to certain individuals who have made a significant contribution to the field of Probation in the State of Indiana, following review and selection by a nominating committee.

Life Membership – ($0) Life membership shall be awarded to former Probation Officer members, who have been members for a period of twenty (20) years. Former Probation Officer members wishing to apply for a Life Membership must contact any member of the Executive Board who will bring the application request to the Executive Board. Any member of the Executive Board may also nominate former Probation Officer members for Life Membership. The Executive Board will verify qualifications and award Life Membership to qualified applicants.

Department or Group Invoices: Custom invoices are available, email Karen ( with your details.

Membership Year: The membership year is from January 1st through December 31st for each year in which annual membership dues are received. Membership dues are credited to the year in which the dues are received unless you direct us differently.

Any individual can petition to the Executive Board to change the status of membership, if he/she can show cause why such status change is needed (i.e., due to change of employment or job description).

Departments Paying Ahead for Memberships: Memberships are not transferable. An individual retains membership as long as they continue to qualify for the membership level as defined in the POPAI Bylaws and pay their annual fee.

POPAI recognizes many Departments invest in their officers by purchasing their memberships, but once the payment is deposited within the membership year it belongs to the individual officer and cannot be removed from them or applied to anyone else.

However, when a Department purchases a membership ahead of the membership year it is with the expectation that the officer will be employed by that Department at the start of the year. Departments who purchase memberships ahead of time should notify the Membership Coordinator before January 1 of the membership year or it will be assumed that the membership will apply to that officer for the duration of the membership year. In the event someone leaves and we receive timely notification, the membership will be removed from the officer and converted into a credit to the Department to be used toward another team member of equal membership type.

Once Annual Membership Verification is sent to the officer on or after January 5 of the membership year it becomes non-transferable.

Voting Privileges:  Each Probation Officer member and Life member shall be entitled to one (1) vote.

Payment of Annual Dues – All membership levels except Emeritus, Honorary, and Life are subject to the payment of annual membership dues.

POPAI Dues Changes: Annual dues shall be set from time to time by a two-thirds(2/3) vote of the Executive Board.

POPAI Membership Dues Payment Options: POPAI membership dues may be paid by automatic funds transfer, check, money order, or PayPal.

Membership Application:

  • Apply Online with the option of paying by credit card, member will assume processing fee or by check or ATF which will not require a fee.
  • Individual Printables (please only use these for individual renewal. Contact Karen for a Department Invoice if you are renewing several memberships)

Membership Services Coordinator In an effort to improve services for our members, the Executive Board has enlisted the assistance of a Membership Services Coordinator. It is the responsibility of this person to ensure that members receive a prompt response to their application along with other membership related questions. The Membership Services Coordinator will also be responsible for recruitment and retention efforts for the association.