November, 2016

POPAI Board Meeting Minutes for 11/09/2016



  • Linda Brady, President
  • Christine Kerl, Treasurer
  • Susan Bentley, Secretary
  • Robert Schuster, District 1 Rep
  • Steve Keele, District 2 Rep
  • Lakisha Fisher, District 4 Rep
  • C.J. Miller, District 5 Rep
  • Andria Geigle, District 6 Rep
  • Brian Sharp, District 7 Rep
  • Cherie Wood, District 8 Rep
  • Stacey Beam, PO Advisory Board Rep
  • Susan Rice, Training Coordinator

Secretary's Report Linda opened with welcoming our new members. Distributed prior to this meeting-” Cherie moves to accept, Christine seconds, all voted and motion carried. All voted, motion carried.

Treasurer's Report Christine reported that as of November 3, 2016 the amount in the checking account is $66,757.42 and the amount in the savings account is $17,037.62. Christine reported that expenditures versus income is nearly dead on with a slight advantage to income. Budget report distributed and discussed. Brian moved that we accept treasurer’s report, Andria seconded. All voted, motion carried. Bob, Christine, and Troy to serve on the Budget Committee. Bob to chair the committee.

Membership Susan Rice reported that Karen prepared departmental invoices for all counties and Susan has started sending those out. She will have the rest sent out by next week. Susan will check the P.O. box today and will close out all past due memberships, as well as notify those that have been closed out. Susan Rice reported one new corporate member from the POPAI conference.

Education Susan Rice passed out report from POPAI Fall conference, 2016; 316 attendees and 25 corporate members attended. 20 scholarships were given out. Total income was $59,175.00 (which includes $13,000 still owed) and $52,949.32 expenses. Overall, we came out $6,225.68 ahead (once payments are received) Susan will send out the feedback she received from the survey sent out. Susan reported she and the Sheraton representatives have not gotten a hold of each other regarding the Management Institute that is scheduled during Holy Week for 2017. Susan advised she will send that information out as soon as she gets it. Susan Rice to connect with Chris Cunningham regarding the possibility of coordinating a joint training with IACCAC. POPAI Fall Conferences are confirmed for 2017 and 2018-Susan is just waiting on a final contract.

Chief's Executive Committee no update

Juvenile Delinquency Alternative Initiative (JDAI) Update no update

Probation Officer Advisory Board Update Stacy and CJ reporting: Vice Chair still open, Stacy is chair. Hot Topics still has no topic to work on as of yet. The Education Committee is going to be working on the changes to the new PO academy and updating the new PO test. Stacy reported Indiana University has stepped up to help with these processes. The Supervision Committee is working on safety and security measures. CJ reported it is close to being completed. Regional meetings will be 12/7/16 from 1:30-3:30pm in webinar form. Topics of training to be announced. The Annual meeting is 5/16/17 and 5/17/17. Focus groups scheduled in November, corresponding with IRAS/IYAS stakeholder training for input on revising the po exam.

Election Election is finished. Brian reported a fairly decent turn out. The District Representatives from the even numbered districts will run the next election as odd numbered District Representatives are up for election next year. Steve Keel was appointed as Election chair for 2017 at last POPAI meeting.

Awards and Recognition CJ had nothing to report. This committee will discuss further parameters of the Knepple Scholarship before next year.

Legislation Linda attended the Interim Study Committee on Corrections and Criminal Code meetings. She reported nothing probation was discussed. JRAC meeting was held 10/20/16. Linda reported the next JRAC meeting is 11/18/16 in the morning, combined with the EBDM meeting from 10am-4pm at the Indiana State Bar Association Office.

Technology Karen sent her report this week. Employment is still the number one reason why people access the POPAI website.

Old Business Linda reported that per Mary Kay Hudson, NIC will be working with Indiana to provide technical assistance for the Pre-trial initiative. EBDM pilot counties have been chosen as well as four non pilot counties to have assistance provided. An all site conference will be held in February, 2017-dates to be determined.

New Business December POPAI Board meetings are typically done through a conference call. No one objected to continue this December through a conference call. Board Matter Bonuses: inquiries sent by Linda previously regarding bonuses for Glenna, Karen, and Susan.  All were unanimously in favor of bonuses. CJ motioned board votes to bonus Karen and Susan, Brian seconded. Voted and all approved. Christine motioned that the bonus amount be $1500 for Susan. Cherie seconded. Voted and all approved. Christine motioned that the bonus amount be $1000 for Karen due to length of service and prior history with bonus recommendations. Bonus history for the conference planning contractor was $1,000 in 2008. Voted and all approved. Linda to notify both parties. IRAS/IYAS recertification-sent out 11/3/16 that recertification is now required by 2/28/17, more details to come per Michelle Goodman. Linda stated she really appreciates those not on POPAI board volunteering to serve on committees. 1:24pm-motion to adjourn by Cherie, motion seconded by Brian- voted and all approved. Meeting dismissed.

Next Meeting 12/14 /16 by phone-10:30am, Eastern time