November 10, 2021

POPAI Board Meeting Minutes for 11/10/2021

Troy called the meeting to order at 10:35 a.m.


  • Troy Hatfield, President
  • Cherie Wood, Secretary
  • Robert Schuster, District 1 Rep
  • Heather Malone, District 2 Rep
  • Mike Small, District 4 Rep
  • C.J. Miller, District 5 Rep
  • Lindsey Villalpando, District 6 Rep
  • Rupert Strawbridge, District 7 Rep
  • Mignon Ware, District 8 Rep
  • Adam McQueen, Past President
  • Greg Werich, Chief Exec Committee
  • Shannon Chambers, PO Advisory Board Rep
  • Karen Oeding, Membership Coordinator and Website Administrator

Also In Attendance:

Andria Geigle, Susan Bentley

Secretary's Report

Troy asked if everyone had an opportunity to review the October Secretary’s Report. Heather moved to accept the October Secretary’s Report. Lindsey seconded. All were in favor. Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report

CJ provided the November Treasurer’s Report. As of October 31, 2021, the balance in checking was $98,678.58 and in savings $17,082.00. Heather motioned to accept the Treasure’s Report. Cherie seconded. All were in favor. Motion carried.

CJ prepared the documents since we do not have a current treasurer.

CJ communicated with Susan Rice and will send her the check by December 1. This check will be for past approved contractual compensation. The checks had expired so a new check will be submitted.

He has talked to Karen about W9 Forms. CJ said Michael spoke to the local bank and $100,000 would be the minimum for a higher interest account.


Lindsey stated she does not have any additional information to provide at this time. Discussion occurred regarding the need/desire to change the logo.

As of October 7: 1086 total members, 999 POs, 25 Corporate, 62 Other.

Logo design- Karen will post the history of our current logo.

Karen provided updates on the invoices and membership fees. In the past we discussed increasing the membership fee, but did not do so. Discussion followed regarding such.

Membership rates are set by the board and not the bylaws. Several officers have already paid for 2022.

CJ made a motion as of 2023, certified probation officer membership will be $30.00 and associate members will be $20.00. Heather seconded. Discussion followed. All were favor and motion carried. Troy suggested we post the details from the bylaws on the website about the associate membership.

Adam suggested we change the corporate membership to $500 as of January 2022 because that was already approved at a previous meeting.


Anthony was unable to attend today and asked Karen to discuss setting a maximum number for the gold membership level. Having it limited will increase the exposure for those vendors. The board agreed we will limit the corporate gold membership to three vendors, effective as of 2022. Karen will begin discussing with the vendors, but it will not be changed until January 2022. It will also be first come, first serve.  The costs for each sponsorship will not change for 2022.  Only the standard corporate membership rate will change from $400 to $500.

2022 Management Institute – March 9-11, 2022 Drury Inn (Indianapolis) March 9 will be the Chief Probation Officer Orientation. If anyone has ideas for speakers, please contact Anthony.

Proposed partnership with IACCAC in 2023 – Troy discussed with one of their representatives and will continue the discussion. They discussed location, registration, dates and etc. He suggested a new committee or current education committee be involved with these discussions. The advantages and disadvantages for the future collaboration was discussed. The current education committee will begin that communication.

Whova Contract – CJ made a motion that we renew the contract for Whova for 2022 for $4758.00. Cherie seconded. All were in favor. Motion carried.

Chief's Executive Committee

Greg stated the tentative date for the next meeting will be Dec 17, but it has not been determined. He will email the date/time/location when confirmed.

Juvenile Delinquency Alternative Initiative (JDAI) Update

From Esther:

There was an in person State Steering Committee Meeting for the first time since pre-pandemic last Friday November 8

There is a JDAI Coordinators convening scheduled for March in Indianapolis, the first day will include Judges from JDAI counties and the second date will be exclusively coordinators

In October 2022 there will be a Indiana JDAI Inter-Site conference in French Lick

Probation Officer Advisory Board Update

The last meeting was 11-2-2021.

Shannon stated they are working on the May conference. If you have any suggestions for speakers, please contact Shannon or Chris.

Angie is working with counties about the Dual Status Training.

Dec 8 – Permanency round table training.


Vice President – Susan Bentley submitted her application for vice president. Heather motioned that we appoint Susan Bentley for the vice president position. Cherie seconded. All were in favor. Motion carried. The term will end in the fall of 2023 and she will then have the opportunity to run for 2 more terms.

Treasurer – We have 2 people who applied for the position. A discussion followed regarding the candidates. Heather motioned to appoint CJ Miller for the treasurer position. Shannon seconded. Cherie and Susan abstained. Motion carried.

Karen will post the District 5 opening and after the application deadline, we will have a special meeting by zoom or email for appointment prior to the Dec POPAI Meeting.

Awards and Recognition

No report

Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council (JRAC)

Last meeting October 29:

Community Corrections Code Revision Committee-They are working on the report and should be submitted on Dec 1.

EBDM/Local JRAC Workgroup – The first webinar for Local JRACs was last week and the plan will be for 2 more webinars on various topics.

The State JRAC endorsed a project that will look at racial disparities at various decision points throughout the criminal justice system.  There will likely be 3-4 counites involved in the project.

IDOC – Discussed extra grant funding and upcoming audits.

Pretrial Committee – Voted to review a constitutional amendment for preventative detention. It could potentially eliminate all cash bail in Indiana, but at the earliest would come about around 2027.


Linda emailed the information from the Interim Study Committee on Corrections and Criminal Code Final Report.


Karen stated the calendar has been updated. She will send each of the 3 (Anthony, Susan, and herself) the W9 Forms.

Stated she and Anthony have changed the process of depositing the checks. Since Anthony is now in Monroe County, it will be easier for Karen to assist w/ the deposits.

Job page continues to be the most visited page on the website. We have over 800 visits in the past month.

Bylaws & Strategic Plan Ad Hoc Committee

We will review in January.

Race & Gender Fairness Commission

Lakisha advised Troy there is not a report. They should have a meeting after the first of the year.

Budget Ad Hoc Committee

Budget Committee-Troy, Adam, CJ, Cherie and Lindsey

We met, reviewed the current contracts and made suggestions to discuss and request for approval from the board.


Both contracts- Start on January 1 and will continue unless either party wishes to adjust/cancel.

Membership Coordinator (MC) – MC would be paid $50 for the corporate membership annually, which is 10% of the annual dues.  Life and Honorary Members would be the only 2 not included.  MC will continue to receive current rate for each member. The minimum salary will be $5250.00 per year. A discussion followed. CJ made a motion to increase the minimum salary to $6000. Cherie seconded.

Conference Planner (CP) – CP will be $15 for each individual who registers for the conferences. CP will receive 10% of the corporate members annually. The minimum salary will be $5250.00 per year. CJ made a motion to increase the minimum salary to $6000. Cherie seconded and it passed.  Other expenses – CP will have expenses paid to attend an approved National Conference annually. A discussion followed.

Rupert made a motion to accept the new contracts for Membership Coordinator and Conference Planner. Shannon seconded. All were in favor. Motion carried.

Old Business

Leadership – Heather and CJ had a Zoom Meeting with him. There are 7 mentors and 7 mentees on the list. We discussed those on the list and the contract with Brian. Heather suggested that we first identify all the officers on the list. The committee will communicate with those on the list to determine their status. If candidates have not submitted their required documentation for the program, they will be given a deadline to do so.

PO Salary-Troy stated we received over 95% response with the salary scale survey. Most are in favor of increasing the minimum salary to $40,000, adding steps beyond 20 years, adjusting to add more frequent salary bumps, increasing additional pay for supervisors/assistant chiefs/CPO and etc. The top choice for adjustments is to raise the entry level to $40,000. Heather suggested the information be provided to POAB and Troy he can do so if allowed. Troy will work on a potential presentation and discuss at the December meeting.

Juvenile Jail Removal – Jail Management System Workgroup- Workgroup is scheduled for 11-16-2021.

Amicus Brief – Lake County Board of Commissioners- A decision has not been rendered.

By Laws Ad Hoc-No updates now and will discuss after the beginning of the year.


New Business

Darrell Sigworth (Adams County)- Heather nominated Darrell Sigworth a lifetime member. Rupert seconded. All were in favor. Motion carried.

Troy stated he was contacted by Cummins Corporation from Bartholomew County about their Cummins Advocate For Racial Equity program as they were looking for ideas on how they can help criminal justice systems reduce racial disparities in communities.  Any ideas, please send them to Troy and he will continue those conversations.

Next Meeting

Will be on December 8, 2021 at 10:30 am eastern.