May, 2019

POPAI Board Meeting Minutes for 05/08/2019

Adam called the meeting to order at 10:39 a.m.


  • Adam McQueen, President
  • Troy Hatfield, Vice-President
  • C.J. Miller, Treasurer
  • Cherie Wood, Secretary
  • Robert Schuster, District 1 Rep
  • Heather Malone, District 2 Rep
  • Lakisha Fisher, District 4 Rep
  • Melanie Pitstick, District 5 Rep
  • Andria Geigle, District 6 Rep
  • Michael Coriell, District 7 Rep
  • Mignon Ware, District 8 Rep
  • Melonie Coan, PO Advisory Board Rep
  • Susan Rice, Training Coordinator
  • Linda Brady, Past President

Secretary's Report Adam asked if everyone had an opportunity to review the April Secretary’s Report. Heather asked about accessing the minutes before they are posted on the website. She will contact Karen about such. Melanie moved to accept the April Secretary’s Report. Michael seconded. All were in favor. Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report C.J. emailed the board the April Treasurer’s Report. As of April 30, 2019 the balance in checking was $72,257.24 and in savings $17,064.17. C.J. stated there are some outstanding expenses from the Management Institute so it will be updated once those are submitted. Cherie motioned to accept the Treasure’s Report. Mignon seconded. All were in favor. Motion carried. C.J. also provided The Board the updated 2019 budget.

Membership Troy stated he had a potential vendor who contacted him recently asking if a mass email could be sent to the membership regarding an update with their agency. Troy and Susan discussed that has not been an option in the past. Discussion followed. We decided corporate members can post an article to the website once every 6 months. Troy will discuss with Karen and prepare a document/instructions that will be provided to the corporate members. We would like this to be sent to the members as a separate email, not with the Monday morning update. As of May 1, 2019: 978 total members, 903 POs, 21 Corporate, 54 Other.

Education Susan stated the Management Institute went well and she received good feedback. We discussed having a round table discussion before the Friday afternoon session of the CPO Summit. The Management Institute/CPO Summit will be April 16 and 17, 2020. At this time the IOCS Training is scheduled for April 27, 28 and 29. Angie H. confirmed those dates while we were in the meeting. A discussion followed about having the 2 trainings in the same month. Susan will talk to her contact at the Drury Inn to see what options we have and advise us at the June meeting. The fall conference will be September 4-6, 2019 at French Lick. Susan has sent a save the date email for the fall conference. A discussion followed about a survey being sent to the CPOs asking how many officers they plan to send to the fall conference. Michael asked that we send a survey to the CPOs and Andria asked we also advise the Community Corrections Directors. Susan will do so. Belterra was discussed and it was decided that we are not ready to move the conference at this time.

Chief's Executive Committee The next meeting will be at breakfast on Friday morning of the Fall Conference.

Juvenile Delinquency Alternative Initiative (JDAI) Update No update.

Probation Officer Advisory Board Update No update. C.J. is no longer our liaison to the Probation Officer Advisory Board. After discussing, Heather Malone will be the POPAI liaison to the POAB. Adam will notify IOCS.

Election The Intent to Run Forms will be sent out by May 8th. The following positions will be up for election: Vice President, Treasurer, District 1, 3, 5 and 7. All current officers are completing their first elected term. The intent must be received by Sunday, July 7. We discussed changing the POPAI Districts to reflect the districts of POAB. It would be a by-law change so there are time constraints of notification to the membership. It was suggested that Marion County have a specific district representative and the other counties in the district have another representative. Troy asked Melanie to contact the CPOs in her district and ask their opinion regarding having Indianapolis with as specific representative. During the meeting, Melanie contacted Christine Kerl who was in a meeting with the local CPOs. The local CPOs did not object to Marion County having their own POPAI Representative. The discussion has been tabled until the June meeting and a decision will be made.

Awards and Recognition Bob stated the committee has discussed the scoring guide and it is almost completed. He plans to have that to the board by Friday for approval and will then send to Karen.

Indiana Evidence Based Decision Making (EBDM) Initiative The next EBDM meeting is on June 7. C.J. is our POPAI representative who is involved with the professional development subcommittee for EDBM. After discussion, Adam will be the representative in lieu of C.J.

Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council (JRAC) The next JRAC meeting is on June 14.

Legislation We discussed the potential elimination of CTP and are unsure what the next step will be.

Technology Karen provided a report to the Board prior to the meeting. PPM: Troy suggested the group meet after the June meeting. Troy asked if there are any other updates/changes in the by-laws that are requested. If so, please notify him. Workload/Caseload Ad Hoc Committee: No update. Juvenile Defense Strategic Plan Committee: Lakisha stated funding for the juvenile defense project is expected to be done in August. If budgets are not changed, the project will end this year.

Old Business Donation Fund – It was asked if Bob would contact John about parameters for the fund. Bob suggested the committee meet after the June meeting. Amicus Brief 18A-PL-02528- Troy sent information to the board about the status of the Amicus Brief and options for POPAI. If POPAI does not file a transfer response/brief, we may not have a future voice in the case. The Supreme Court has not decided if the case will be allowed to be transferred to them. Andria made a motion that POPAI not file an additional response/brief at this time and if it is transferred to the Supreme Court, we readdress the options. C.J. seconded. Discussion followed. Troy called Stephanie, the attorney from Paganelli Law Group, who filed our Amicus Brief. She explained the process if it is transferred to the Supreme Court. Stephanie also explained the language that could be used in a new filing. She stated the Supreme Court could affirm the previous decision. This case has interesting constitutional issues regarding the separation of power. If it is transferred to the Supreme Court and POPAI is not allowed time to present for an oral argument, there would not be an additional charge. If it is transferred and we are able to speak, it would be an additional fee. The Court of Appeals Opinion is a 13 page document. After the conversation with Stephanie, Andria withdrew her motion. Discussion followed. Troy motioned that we retain PLG to represent POPAI as amicus curiae before the Indiana Supreme Court in the case of Green v. Hendricks County. Heather seconded. A discussion followed. One abstained and no one objected. Motion carried.

New Business Adam attended the training in French Lick last week. He stated a few interesting points: dosage supervision, if more than 10 minutes of a meeting is spent discussing compliance – the recidivism rate increases, when more time is focused on the criminogenic needs – the recidivism rate decreases, the maximum return is focusing on criminogenic needs. A new JRAC audit tool plans to be used in 2020. It is called CPC-CSA and has been piloted in 33 sites across the United States. Out of those sites, the average result was 84.8% = low adherence to EBP. Mary Kay is the new Executive Director of IOCS and a welcome card was suggested. Melanie will do so.

Next Meeting Next meeting will be on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 @ 10:30 EDT at the Marion County Northeast Office, 2525 N. Shadeland Ave.