March 11, 2015

POPAI Board Meeting Minutes for 03/11/2015

Conference call meeting opened at 10:32am EDT


  • Linda Brady, President
  • Ryan Hull, Vice President
  • Christine Kerl, Treasurer
  • Mignon Ware, Secretary
  • Jim Taylor, District 1 Rep
  • Steve Keele, District 2 Rep
  • Jesse Carlton, District 3 Rep
  • Adam McQueen, District 4 Rep
  • Joe Hooker, District 6 Rep
  • Brian Sharp, District 7 Rep
  • Eric Zimmerman, Past President
  • Troy Hatfield, PO Advisory Board Rep
  • Greg Werich, Chief Exec Committee
  • Susan Rice, Training Coordinator
  • Kory George, JDAI Representative

Secretary's Report Mignon asked if everyone had an opportunity to review the minutes from the February 2015 meeting.  Jimmy motioned to accept the minutes, Ryan 2nd, all in favor.  Motion carries

Treasurer's Report Christine said the amount in the checking account as of 2/28/2015 is $51,272.61 and savings account $17,031.92.  Taxes will be prepared for POPAI soon.  Jesse motioned to accept the treasurer’s report, Brian 2nd, all in favor.  Motion carries

Membership Susan continues working with Karen on membership spreadsheets by department.  Linda suggested a conference call for Karen, Susan, Ryan, and Linda to discuss how to move forward. Susan and Troy are still getting information for discussion about the member event and the recognition breakfast.  More discussion will take place on March 18 if time allows.

Education Susan is working on the New Chief’s training and Management Institute.  About 60 people have registered.  The judicial center staff will be present at the Chief PO’s summit. The Board discussed that members who registered and paid for the Management Institute and Chief’s Summit in 2014 and couldn’t attend due to weather conditions would not be charged to attend the 2015 session. Susan said she is still in need of ideas for break-out sessions for the fall conference.  Discussion.

Chief's Executive Committee No report

Juvenile Delinquency Alternative Initiative (JDAI) Update Kory George said there is a Legislative Luncheon 3/17/15 (4th flood of statehouse) and a State JDAI Coordinators training (Downtown Indianapolis – location not yet released) 4/8 and 4/9/15.

Probation Officer Advisory Board Update

Troy stated the Advisory Board meets next in April. The education committee continues to meet and progress is being made with the technology committee.


No report

Awards and Recognition

Jimmy said information has been posted on the website for the Charlie Knepple Scholarship. Applications are due by 4/20/2015.


Linda discussed the recent POPAI Legislative Committee conference call. Hearing to be held on 3/18/15 at 9:00am regarding HB 1006 at the Statehouse in Indianapolis. For those speaking please be prepared with talking points and be mindful of time limits when at the podium. Looking for information on innovative probation programming in Indiana, caseload needs, what types of things/programming would be added if there were financial resources to support it, looking at things from a local level (i.e. local determination, flexibility, programs). Participant testimonials are encouraged. Marion County is reaching out to some clients to be able to speak. There will be several POPAI Board members at the Statehouse. If there is a quorum then an informal meeting will be conducted afterwards.


Ryan stated Karen is making progress with LinkedIn and Facebook. Currently there are 97 likes on Facebook. The traffic is coming from the Monday morning updates. The area most utilized on the POPAI website is the job search section. Karen continues to make updates to website as needed.

Old Business

Linda said the board member job descriptions have not yet been updated.

New Business

Linda sent an email to the Board with a request from a former POPAI member for training materials for the upcoming Management Institute although the former member did not plan to attend the training. Several Board members provided Linda with feedback about this request. The consensus of the Board was that POPAI does not provide materials from trainings to individuals who did not attend the training. Since the Indiana Judicial Center is our partner for the New Chief PO Orientation, Linda asked Mary Kay Hudson, Director of Court Services at the Indiana Judicial Center, for her input. She stated that the Indiana Judicial Center generally does not provide materials for their orientations unless the individual is in attendance.

Next Meeting The April POPAI Board meeting will be on April 16, 2015 during the Management Institute at the Keystone Sheraton Hotel in person. For Board Members speaking or showing support at the Statehouse on May 18 an informal meeting may follow over lunch. Jimmy motioned to adjourn, Ryan 2nd, all in favor. Meeting adjourned at 12:37am EDT.