March 10, 2022

POPAI Board Meeting Minutes for 03/10/2022

12:02pm Troy Called the meeting to order.


  • Troy Hatfield, President
  • Susan Bentley, Vice-President
  • C.J. Miller, Treasurer
  • Heather Malone, District 2 Rep
  • Mike Small, District 4 Rep
  • Rebecca Schrock, District 5 Rep
  • Lindsey Villalpando, District 6 Rep
  • Rupert Strawbridge, District 7 Rep
  • Mignon Ware, District 8 Rep
  • Adam McQueen, Past President
  • Greg Werich, Chief Exec Committee
  • Shannon Chambers, PO Advisory Board Rep
  • Anthony Williams, Training Coordinator
  • Karen Oeding, Membership Coordinator and Website Administrator

Also In Attendance:

Linda Brady

Secretary's Report

Susan moved to approve, Heather seconded, approved

Treasurer's Report

CJ reported checking balance $87,708.87, savings balance $17,082.57. Susan moved to approved, Becky seconded, approved


Membership and Marketing: Lindsey reported for the fall conference, merchandise could be posted presale on the website for no extra charge-all agreed. Karen reported she had checks to deposit after the management institute. Numbers will be updated for April-currently 1052 current members, 989 PO’s, 7 corporate, 56 other. Troy reported he asked IOCS for a list of new po’s from registration and was granted contacts to reach out.


Anthony reported he will be depositing funds collected through Whova to Stripe after Management Institute so any refunds would be straightforward. He reported near perfect attendance-only 2 unable to report. Board approved refund to those two due to no date set for refunds granted after a certain point. Troy reported he is still waiting to hear back from IACCAC for a possible joint training in 2023. 2022 Fall Conference scheduled Sept 7-9 in French Lick

Chief's Executive Committee

Greg reported no new updates for this committee, just that this committee has now been running for 18 years.

Juvenile Delinquency Alternative Initiative (JDAI) Update

Esther not present, but Troy reported annual results data recently shared and efforts from JDAI still successful per numbers. Focus remains on disproportionate minority work to improve those numbers. Intersite conference set Oct 5-6 at French Lick

Probation Officer Advisory Board Update

Shannon reported last meeting was Feb 15 and that Troy appeared to report on PO salary scale. Next meeting is 4/12/22


Becky reported no update

Awards and Recognition

Bob not present, but Knepple Scholarship is now up on the website and has been sent out. Deadline for interest is 4/4/22

Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council (JRAC)

Troy reported no meeting since last POPAI meeting. Next meeting is 3/11/22 and Susan will attend on Troy’s behalf due to Management Institute


Troy gave update on pending legislation and will update POPAI website.


Karen reported Management Institute facilitation used the most time while continuing with normal website work as is normal this time of year.

Bylaws & Strategic Plan Ad Hoc Committee

Troy reported this will be updated for April

Race & Gender Fairness Commission

Lakisha not present but, reported nothing new to report

Old Business

Leadership and Mentoring project: Heather , CJ and Shannon reported ties have officially been cut with Brian Riggs after receiving no response even after Troy reached out. Currently researching next steps.

PO Salary Scale: Troy reported he presented to POAB and was advised due to timeline and potential posting for public comment, nothing could be implemented before 2024. Suggestions from POAB were to reach back out to all chiefs to give information for feedback. Troy passed out amended presentation for all to offer feedback then he will send out.

Troy reported on decision on Lake County Board of Commissioners v. State of Indiana and that the decision was good for the probation profession.

APPA Summer Institute: Chicago, August 28-31-CJ will send out email to Board to gauge interest on attending and pick one person to send to represent POPAI.

Next Meeting

4/13/2022 @ 10:30am EST Hamilton County