June, 2018

POPAI Board Meeting Minutes for 06/13/18



  • Troy Hatfield, Vice-President
  • C.J. Miller, Treasurer
  • Susan Bentley, Secretary
  • Robert Schuster, District 1 Rep
  • Steve Keele, District 2 Rep
  • Sarah Lochner, District 3 Rep
  • Lakisha Fisher, District 4 Rep
  • Andria Geigle, District 6 Rep
  • Michael Coriell, District 7 Rep
  • Cherie Wood, District 8 Rep
  • Melonie Coan, PO Advisory Board Rep
  • Susan Rice, Training Coordinator
  • Kory George, JDAI Representative

Secretary's Report Michael moved to accept and Andria seconded. Motion carried-report accepted.

Treasurer's Report CJ reported Checking: $84,065.64 as of 5/30/18.  Savings: $17,053.24 as of 5/30/18.  Susan B. moved to approve, Cherie seconded, all voted-motion carried.  Check for Knepple scholarship has been mailed.

Membership As of 6/6/18, 959 Total.  Current: 885 PO’s, 20 corporate, 54 other.  1 new corporate member-Tomo Drug collecting company

Education Susan R. reported for CPO orientation-waiting to get a date from IOCS.  Fall conference: 9/5-9/7.  Keynote speaker reserved.  Information will be sent out this week or next week.

Chief's Executive Committee Greg not present.

Juvenile Delinquency Alternative Initiative (JDAI) Update Kory reported Intersite conference was held last month and was a success in French Lick.  Kory to go to Minnesota next week for a convening of best practices for juvenile justice with a team.  COC -Susan B reported committee has broken off into subcommittees to review the standards and formulate a checklist for facilities to use for visits.  Group to reconvene again 7/12/18.

Probation Officer Advisory Board Update No updates. 7/10/18 is the next meeting.  Sarah also reported that IOCS is working on validating the IRAS now as well and is meeting quarterly.

Election Melanie P.  not present.  Troy advised only one intent to run form has been received for Districts 2, 4, 6, and 8.  Due date is 7/6/18.

Awards and Recognition Bob reported award nominations will go out the first week of July.  Founders award, Line officer of the year, and Rookie of the year awards will be given at the Fall Conference.  Nominations will be due by 8/7/18.

Indiana Evidence Based Decision Making (EBDM) Initiative EBDM: Linda not present.  No update.

Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council (JRAC) JRAC Meeting: 6/22/18 and 7/20/18 are the next meetings scheduled tentatively.  Adam and CJ will attend.

Legislation Troy reported nothing new to report

Technology Karen sent this report out this week.   Troy reported no new updates.

Old Business Strategic Plan:  Troy reported group will reconvene in the summer or fall to work on this. Workload Measures:   Troy reported there is a draft proposal done for phase 1 of the project-which will create a survey to see how counties collect data now.  This will determine which counties will be good for collecting outcome measures.  DOC audits will be done by November, 2018-this information will be used as well, along with how 1006 funding is being used across the state.  An Indiana best practices guide will then be written and will include outcome and workload measures.  IUPUI quoted a price to conduct the research-Dr. Brad Ray.  POPAI and IACCAC will still drive this project.  Phase 1 is more needed by DOC, but is beneficial to all.  The next meeting for the group will be 6/25/18 to finalize that proposal. Policy and Procedure Bylaw:  Vote occurred today on bylaw changes.  Susan B moved to accept the changes, Steve seconded-all voted, motion carried.  Changes will be given to Adam and these will be posted on the website. Juvenile Defense Strategic Planning Committee:   Susan B and Lakisha reported no updates.  Lakisha to email contact to see when the next meeting is scheduled for.

New Business none

Next Meeting 7/11/18 at 10:30am at Marion County Probation South Office.