July 13, 2022

POPAI Board Meeting Minutes for 07/13/2022

Troy opened the meeting at 10:35 am.


  • Troy Hatfield, President
  • Susan Bentley, Vice-President
  • C.J. Miller, Treasurer
  • Cherie Wood, Secretary
  • Robert Schuster, District 1 Rep
  • Mike Small, District 4 Rep
  • Rebecca Schrock, District 5 Rep
  • Lindsey Villalpando, District 6 Rep
  • Rupert Strawbridge, District 7 Rep
  • Mignon Ware, District 8 Rep
  • Adam McQueen, Past President
  • Greg Werich, Chief Exec Committee
  • Shannon Chambers, PO Advisory Board Rep
  • Anthony Williams, Training Coordinator
  • Karen Oeding, Membership Coordinator and Website Administrator

Also In Attendance:

Angria Geigle

Secretary's Report

Troy asked if everyone had an opportunity to review the June Secretary’s Report.  (Troy submitted the minutes because Cherie was unavailable.) Cherie made a motion to accept.  Andria seconded. All were in favor. Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report

CJ provided the June Treasurer’s Report. As of June 30, 2022, the balance in savings was $17,083.14 and $91,865.79 in checking. Bob made a motion to accept and Mike seconded. All were in favor. Motion carried.

CJ provided the updated budget report. Although CJ will no longer be the treasurer, he will continue to reserve the room for our meetings.


As of July 7, 2022:  1,010 Total Current; 932 POs; 21 Corporate; 57 Other

Lindsay stated the 25+ years membership cups have been ordered and we will need additional cups. Susan motioned to purchase additional cups for those members and Becky seconded. Discussion followed. Due to the potential number of cups needed increasing and that we know they will be used next year for the 25+ members, Susan amended the motion to order the number of cups above 120 that are needed. Becky seconded. All were in favor and motion carried.

Andria discussed the date POPAI will use from here forward for all members. After discussion, it was determined the date will be the officer’s “birthdate”, which is the year they became a POPAI Member.

Karen has continued to review the database, update and make adjustments where needed.

Fall Conference – The committee decided to offer one room with trivia that will be conducted by French Lick and the other room will have the football game. POPAI will pay for each team who enters the trivia competition and French Lick will provide prices. We will only be charged for those who attend. We discussed offering corn hole boards in the room showing the football game. Not a tournament, but just for fun.

Lindsay has been community with the vendor for the POPAI apparel and hopes the website will be ready next week. She will also have items at the conference. New POPAI Members will receive 10% discount on merchandise.

CJ will no longer be a board member in September. Bob motioned for CJ to attend the POPAI Fall Conference at POPAI’s expense (hotel/registration). Cherie seconded. Discussion followed. All were in favor and motioned carried. Karen will register CJ and Anthony will discuss the room options with him.

The deadline for the POPAI Conference drawing for registration/hotel is July 22 and we have 125 who have entered.



Troy continues to have discussions regarding a partnership with IACCAC for a conference. The interest is in a one-day leadership type of training. Dates have not been discussed. He may form a committee to discuss the planning.

Anthony – Conference:  As of 7-13-2022, we have 312 registrations. 264 are conference attendees. Anyone who need to book a room for Tuesday night should call the hotel directly. There are still a few rooms available. We have 288 rooms that are already booked. Next year, he will most likely have 2 blocks of rooms to reduce any confusion. One block for the vendors/presenters and one block for the attendees.

Break service- Discussion followed regarding the options and we will be offering a $250 corporate sponsorship for the break service.

Lunch – Discussion followed and concluded we will offer a 2-entrée luncheon. The board members will vote on the options and the top votes will be what we request.

Chief's Executive Committee

Greg stated no report, but assumed we will still meet on Friday for breakfast the fall conference.


Juvenile Delinquency Alternative Initiative (JDAI) Update

Report from Esther:

Most, if not all, counties have received their fully executed 2022-2023 grant contracts.

The next JDAI State Steering Committee meeting is scheduled for August 12 from 11:00-200 at Regions Tower.

The State Inter-Site Conference will be held October 4-6 in French Lick and each county will be able to bring 8 local stakeholders.

Probation Officer Advisory Board Update

Shannon stated they had a quorum at the meeting yesterday. The salary proposal was discussed and POAB voiced support for POPAI to move forward with presenting to IOCS and the Judicial Committee.

The have few new members and the district, which includes Monroe County, is vacant.

Static/Stable has not been added to INcite, but is being worked on.


Becky stated District 3 is vacant.  We will reopen for applications and post another article for the Monday update.

August 7 is the deadline for Intent to Run to be submitted.

Treasurer – deadline for application is July 25

If a board position remains vacate after the conference, the board will accept applications for 15 days for the specific position. The board will then vote and determine the new member

Awards and Recognition

Bob stated August 1 is the deadline for nominations.

Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council (JRAC)

The next meeting is July 29.

Troy stated the EBDM/Local JRAC Workgroup is working on communication plans between the state and local JRAC.


Troy stated the summer study committee will start in September.


Karen stated the invoices are working great. She has implemented calendar reminders that is greatly assisting with checks/balances. She has set up a template system for the Whova registrations and the information is added to a spread sheet. The invoices are prepared according to the spread sheet.

She said the information about the different membership options has been very beneficial.

She has also added an awards calendar.

Bylaws & Strategic Plan Ad Hoc Committee

Troy will continue to monitor our strategic plan in January, April, July and October.


Race & Gender Fairness Commission

Lakisha advised Troy the commission will be meeting in person on July 29. She will be leaving Grant County Probation for a position with Mimi Carter, but will remain on the commission.

Old Business

The proposed salary scale has been added to the website.

Jail Management System Workgroup – Mike said they met on June 16 and reviewed screen shots of how the system will look. Grant and Elkhart County are providing a lot of dates. There are multiple vendors being used across the State so it will take time. The focus is the need of the Sheriff’s Dept.

By Laws Ad Hoc Committee – The changes were approved in April by the Board and an article will be written next week for the website and that will provide the notice to our members.

APPA drawing for virtual attendance – Troy used a program to generate 25 random numbers. He is verifying the membership status of those selected.

New Business

POPAI Life Membership Nomination – Rupert motioned for Elizabeth Day (Harrison County) to become a life member. Lindsay seconded. All were in favor. Motion carried. Karen will advise Elizabeth.

Troy will start drafting the next quarterly letter. Discussion followed regarding topics (salary proposal, fall conference, member fee changes, 25 yr paid membership date, recognition of 25 yr members, etc).

Next Meeting

Executive Board Meeting – Wednesday, August 10, 2022 @ 10:30 a.m. EDT at the Hamilton County Department of Probation Services.