January 14, 2015

POPAI Board Meeting Minutes for 01/14/2015

11:09am EDT


  • Linda Brady, President
  • Ryan Hull, Vice President
  • Christine Kerl, Treasurer
  • Mignon Ware, Secretary
  • Jim Taylor, District 1 Rep
  • Steve Keele, District 2 Rep
  • Jesse Carlton, District 3 Rep
  • Adam McQueen, District 4 Rep
  • Lori White, District 5 Rep
  • Joe Hooker, District 6 Rep
  • Cherie Wood, District 8 Rep
  • Eric Zimmerman, Past President
  • Troy Hatfield, PO Advisory Board Rep
  • Greg Werich, Chief Exec Committee

Secretary's Report Mignon asked if everyone had an opportunity to review the Secretary’s report from December 2014.  Jimmy motioned to accept, Cherie 2nd.  All in favor.  Motion carries

Treasurer's Report Christine reports that the balance as of December 31, 2014 in the checking account is $45, 458.26, and in the savings account is $17, 031.38.  The final budge report for 2014 was on target.  The 2014 budget  showed estimated income at $77,500.00 but the actual income was $77,428.00.  The 2014 budget showed estimated expenses at $75,000.00 but the actual expenses were $69,000.00.  Joe motions to accept the Treasurer’s report, Ryan 2nd.  All in favor.  Motion carries Troy reports on the 2014 budget and provides recommendations for the 2015 budget which is taken from averages based on the 2010, 2011 and 2013 years.  The Budget Committee met by email with input from the Technology Committee and Susan Rice (for the Education Committee).  Discussion.  Suggestion was given to seek National Speakers (i.e. Mark Carey and Mimi Carter (aka Madeline Carter)) to present at the Fall POPAI Conference.  Discussion.  Two proposals suggested for discussion: #1 EBP – Mark opening on the implementation and benefits of Evidence Based Practices; then a session on the process of implementation i.e. dosage probation, tool kit, incentives/sanctions; and close with a motivational session.  #2 – offer one or two day training where Mark or Mimi would be the Keynote and the other would do breakout sessions.  Discussion.  Troy made a motion to adopt the budget as written but to add $10,000.00 to the Fall Conference line.  Christine 2nd.  All in favor.  Motion carries

Membership Ryan reports that Susan is working with Karen on the database.  Christine, Greg, Troy, Susan and a few others will meet in Peru, IN on 1/16/2015 to discuss the Management Institute and New Chief’s Orientation.  Any ideas can be forwarded to Greg Werich.  Linda suggested that District Representatives send all Chief PO’s an email for requesting feedback and encourage involvement with POPAI.  Jimmy asked about the status of POPAI membership cards.  Discussion.  Lori said that membership cards stopped being issued several years ago because of cost.  Cards will not be given out at this time. Jimmy said that Bob Hannaway of Porter County has retired and asked about his eligibility for Lifetime Membership.  Jimmy made the motion to move Bob Hannaway’s membership status to lifetime member.  Christine 2nd.  All in favor.  Motion carries.  Jimmy will notify Bob.

Education No report

Chief's Executive Committee No report

Juvenile Delinquency Alternative Initiative (JDAI) Update Linda reports that Scott Filley from St. Joseph County, Juvenile will no longer be able to represent POPAI.  Discussion.  An email will be sent to the Chief PO’s regarding this opening.  Troy will gather a list of suggested individuals and submit  to the POPAI Board for discussion.

Probation Officer Advisory Board Update

The PO Advisory Board met on January 13th. The Education Committee reported the PO Annual Meeting is on track for May 6th and 7th at the Convention Center in Indianapolis. Blocks of hotel rooms will be available at the Omni for the nights of May 5th and 6th. Registration information should go out around March 1st. The next PO Orientation (Academy) will be held in Indianapolis on April 14-16. The new CPO orientation will likely be held on April 15th, but details will be finalized soon. The Hot Topics Committee reported that the new PI/PDR/Modification report application is live in INcite. All departments are required to use the application as of November 1, 2014. A case plan application is still in the works and the next meeting for the task force is January 20th. IRAS/IYAS recertification project is still pending. All POs currently certified have had their certification extended another year to give additional time for this project to be completed and we are able to recertify online. University of Cincinnati is also going to be revalidating the IRAS/IYAS tools in the coming year. The Supervision Committee is still working on updating the safety and security manual and is now focused on technology and how it relates to security. IJC provided information on the status of several projects and legislation. There are a large number of bills being filed that they are watching. Remember to subscribe to the Legislative Update blog. You can find a link to it on the IJC website. The Chief Justice included funding for CPOs and DCPOs in her budget request along with additional funding for PO education, and forensic diversion grants. The incentives/sanctions project is moving into phase two which will include additional pilot counties. There will be at least five pilot counties working on pretrial assessments and how the information is included in bail decisions. These should last several months and provide information on possible recommendations for changes to trial court rules. The National Institute of Corrections is coming for a site visit later this month to interview the state steering committee and the six counties that applied to be a part of the Evidence Based Decision Making initiative. This should provide information to NIC before they make their decision on whether or not they will be providing technical assistance to Indiana over the next several years. Lastly, the Board of Directors for the Judicial Conference discussed the idea of only allowing hired POs to sit for the exam. This item has been tabled and no decision was made at that time.


No report

Awards and Recognition

No report


Linda reports that on 1/13/15 she was called to a meeting on discussion of the Chief Justice now asking for the Chief PO and Assistant Chief PO’s salary being paid from a specific fund. A Committee was formed from representatives from IJC, Judges, and Linda (POPAI Rep) who can be called upon by Senator Karen Talion who can advocate for provide information about Probation funding.
Discussion on HB 1006 which would take grant funding from IDOC and give to IJC for Community Corrections funding. Part A - 47.5 million from IDOC to IJC to administer, and Part B – Justice Reinvestment Fund: calls for number money for community corrections, probation and mental health yearly. Discussion. There are ongoing talks between Representatives and IJC. They reached out to Linda because they want POPAI’s support. The bill will be filed but unsure if both parts A and B will be included. Discussion.
Glenna will continue to send emails on new bills that are filed. Once all are published then the POPAI Legislative Committee will need to meet for discussion.
The credit time issue was filed in both the House and the Senate. Discussion.
Christine makes a motion that at this time, based on the understanding of the bill (HB1006) that we (POPAI) support the portion of the bill speaking on new money being presented and motions that we (POPAI) remain neutral on the portion of the bill regarding the movement of dollars from IDOC to IJC. Joe 2nd. Discussion. All in favor. Motion carries


Ryan reports that the member’s only section is now open for everyone to view. Not many people are utilizing. Linda asked if it’s appropriate to have member’s only access for the meeting minutes and legislative updates. Discussion. Cherie makes motion to change the minutes and legislative updates to a member’s only access. Jimmy 2nd. Discussion. All in favor. Motion carries. Once the transition happens Linda will send all POPAI members an email to update them on the change.
Everyone is doing a good job with posting articles to the website. Upon review there have been 1173 visits to the POPAI website. The job search section is the most visited section. And the peak visit time in on Monday mornings. Linked-In and Facebook are now up and running. Lori and Karen will be the administrators for each site. POPAI gear is now available to purchase from the website. And finally, the budget for the Technology committee remained the same for 2015.

Old Business

No updates on the Board, Committee Member, Contractors Job Descriptions. Linda stated that she is part of the pre-trial pilot project. Discussion. Finally the POPAI Board Members can dispose of their old binders since the information can be accessed on the website.

New Business

No new business

Next Meeting Next Board Meeting: Wednesday February 11, 2015 at 10:30am EDT, in person at the Marion County Southside Probation Office. Ryan motioned to adjourn the meeting. Cherie 2nd. All in favor. Meeting adjourned at 1:43pm EDT