August 12, 2015

POPAI Board Meeting Minutes for 08/12/2015

10:30 am EDT


  • Linda Brady, President
  • Christine Kerl, Treasurer
  • Mignon Ware, Secretary
  • Steve Keele, District 2 Rep
  • Joe Hooker, District 6 Rep
  • Brian Sharp, District 7 Rep
  • Cherie Wood, District 8 Rep
  • Eric Zimmerman, Past President
  • Troy Hatfield, PO Advisory Board Rep
  • Greg Werich, Chief Exec Committee
  • Susan Rice, Training Coordinator
  • Kory George, JDAI Representative

Secretary's Report Linda asked if anyone had any corrections/additions to the July Secretary’s Report.  Jessie motioned to approve and Cherie seconded. All were in favor. Motion carries.

Treasurer's Report Christine provided the July Treasurer’s Report. As of July 31, we have $45, 644.64 in checking and $17,033.33 in savings. We did not have any deposits in July. Christine stated we will have more of an idea after the fall conference because there will be many expenses/deposits thereafter.  Brian motioned to approve and Steve seconded. All were in favor. Motion carries.

Membership Susan stated members are paying and some are going toward the 2016 dues. Linda asked if we have any new members and Susan stated there are some new, but they may be replacing another members who have retired/etc.  Ryan stated he has talked to Karen about the membership list and is working with her on that.

Education Susan reports that there are over 300 PO's registered for the fall conference. We are normally around 275 and she anticipates about 330. The majority of those registered did so as an early bird. We will have 2 other choices for breakout sessions because Susan anticipates the majority of those in attendance will attend the sessions by Mark and Mimi. Susan is hoping to have a breakout session concerning the Division of Mental Health funding/grant money. Susan said the Chief Round Table discussion will be on Thursday afternoon. There was a discussion regarding Jane Siegel attending the round table discussion. Linda will contact Jane and ask if she can attend.  Susan discussed the POPAI items that she still has from last year. She talked to Karen about sending a out a pre-order form to all the members to purchase POPAI gear. Susan would then be able to have those items at the fall conference. Susan will need assistance with the registration.  Door prizes will be given away during the conference. Linda asked if there are any vendors who are interested in sponsoring any activities/events during the conference. Susan will check into this and advise the Board. She also stated that there are a few vendors who will have advertisements in the conference brochure. The IJC Conference will be held May 4 and 5, 2016. Susan will check into dates in mid April for the CPO Summit/Management Institute.

Chief's Executive Committee No report.

Juvenile Delinquency Alternative Initiative (JDAI) Update Kory said there will be a follow up meeting for the Executive Team on 8/14/2015.  Topic will be JDAI expansion plan.

Probation Officer Advisory Board Update

The Advisory Board met on July 14th with seven new members.

The Education Committee discussed comments from the past PO annual meeting and most were favorable. The received 250 evaluations out of 799 registered participants. Next year’s annual meeting will be May 4 & 5, 2016 at the Indy Convention Center. They are discussing the idea of recording sessions in the future to post on the web for those unable to attend sessions they may have wanted to see. The Regional Meetings are tentatively set for 11/6 in the north, 11/9 in the south, and 11/10 in the central area. They are working on topics now.

The Supervision Committee continues to work on editing the Safety and Security manual and will likely continue to do so most of the year. The committee is meeting monthly to keep this project moving.

The Hot Topics Committee are discussing several issues, from looking at the possibility of developing a criteria for what is considered EBP training hours to the problems with the IRAS recertification. They are also discussing how departments can information share items like job descriptions and policies.

IJC stated that the JRAC is staff by IJC and has been meeting every two weeks since July 1 in order to facilitate what is required of the committee from the new legislation. DOC grants are now out and due on 9/18 for additional funding. There is $5M available for year 1 and $20M in new monies beginning July 2016. IJC also reported there are new pilot sites moving forward for incentives and sanctions and the EBDM is moving forward as the state was awarded technical assistance for this project.

The Case Plan Technology committee continues to meet and the application is about 80% developed. The group is currently discussing recommendations on information sharing and reports that can be produced from this application.


Cherie reports that she received 10 absentee ballots for the contested race. Everything is on target for the upcoming election.
Linda adds that there is no one running for District 1. Discussion. If there is no motion from the floor at the POPAI meeting in September then it falls to the Board Members to recruit to fill the spot. Susan will make ballots available at the conference for the contested district.

Awards and Recognition

Jimmy reports that applications have not been received for the Founders Award, Rookie of the Year, or PO of the Year. Linda suggests that an article be posted on the website. Discussion.
Susan thanked Jimmy for helping to send the Rookie of the Year information to the APPA conference. It was nice to see that person’s name along with their home state listed in the program.


Linda reports – Upcoming JRAC meeting next week (Linda, Christine, Ryan to attend). JRAC September 25 meeting (voting on grants requested). September 18 grants due. DMHA voucher system from HB 1006 is seeking clarification. Discussion.
Linda sent an email request to Dave Williams for probation stats across Indiana.
Comments from Cherie and Susan regarding collaborative plan efforts with community corrections. Collaboration plan must be submitted by September 18 if either Probation and/or Community Corrections are submitting a grant proposal.

Christine hopes that for the next cycle POPAI can take on the leadership role of guiding counties in the proper way to prepare and submit application information.
Linda states – community corrections directors attend an annual IDOC meeting and asked if CPO’s will be invited to attend. No response was provided. The hope is that everyone is able to hear the same message. Discussion. Linda asked for comments or questions from the Board to take back to the JRAC meeting next week.

Corrections and Criminal Code Studies Committee Meeting – Linda was re-appointed as the probation officer member of this legislative committee. First meeting is next week Tue. August 18 with only two agenda items set on 8/18/15 (will stream online).

How to expand the legislative committee – Linda will speak with Glenna and Rep. Steuerwald for guidance. Linda asked for ideas/ways to expand on in 2016? She suggests that we start early and reach out to Legislators now since they are not in session. Build relationships during the off season.


Ryan reports that the website is running smoothly. Karen is still reviewing articles and checking for submissions weekly. Karen is working diligently on the database for invoices. Also working to clarify anniversary dates for members. If any Board Members have issues with articles or navigating on the website please contact Karen. Number one reason people visit the POPAI website is for the “jobs section”.

Old Business

No updates to the contractor or Board Member job descriptions.

New Business

Proposed by-laws will be posted on the website.

Request for life member status held from the last meeting – requesting individual doesn’t qualify due to the number of verified payments received for membership is less than 20. Discussion. Susan will forward information to the Board. Further discussion at the September Board Meeting.

Some Board members requested assistance for payment of room or conference registration fees paid for Fall Conference. Discussion.
Joe Hooker – Troy made a motion to pay for his conference fees, Jimmy 2nd. All in favor. Motion carries
Christine Kerl – Requests to cover Christine – Cherie makes a motion to cover tuition. Kory 2nd. All in favor. Motion carries.
Ryan states it’s in the by-laws that all of the tuition costs are covered for the Board Members to attend the Fall Conference.

Susan provided a proposal – suggesting that POPAI look into providing a leadership training similar to APPA’s Leadership training. APPA offered their information in support of POPAI do this. If the Board is willing, Susan would like to have a committee to investigate costs and structure of the training.
Linda thanked Susan for the information. Discussion. (keep costs low may generate a strong interest, APPA’s cost for the leadership institute is $1500 + travel, room, food;
Susan suggests to start with Fall Conference, attend Mgmt traning, end with Fall Conference (graduation/recognition). Discussion.
Linda asked if the Board has support for or objection to proceeding? Support was offered. The Chief's Executive Committee will work with Susan.

Jimmy reports that Michael E. Sinks – Jasper County Chief Probation Officer is retiring. August 28 there will be a party in the courthouse to honor his 40 years of service.

Next Meeting 10:45 am after the last session in French Lick. Cherie motioned to adjourn. Ryan 2nd. All in favor. Meeting adjourned at 12noon EDT.