November 12, 2020

POPAI Board Meeting Minutes for 11/12/2020

Adam opened the zoom meeting at 10:30am.


  • Adam McQueen, President
  • Troy Hatfield, Vice-President
  • C.J. Miller, Treasurer
  • Cherie Wood, Secretary
  • Robert Schuster, District 1 Rep
  • Heather Malone, District 2 Rep
  • Mike Small, District 4 Rep
  • Melanie Pitstick, District 5 Rep
  • Lindsey Villalpando, District 6 Rep
  • Michael Coriell, District 7 Rep
  • Mignon Ware, District 8 Rep
  • Anthony Williams, Training Coordinator
  • Esther Kaelin, JDAI Representative
  • Linda Brady, Past President
  • Karen Oeding, Website Administrator

Secretary's Report

Adam asked if everyone had an opportunity to review the October Secretary’s Report. Mignon made a motion to accept. CJ seconded. All were in favor. Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report

CJ provided the November Treasurer’s Report. As of October 31, 2020, the balance in checking was $70,645.00 and $17,080.29 in savings. Bob made a motion to accept and Melanie seconded. All were in favor. Motion carried.


As of November 5, 2020, we had 999 total members (920 probation officers, 22 corporate and 57other) . Karen said she will send the 2021 membership dues/verification email soon.

Information that was being sent to Susan is now being sent to Karen.


Adam welcomed Anthony and began discussing the Management Institute. Anthony said a few have sent him ideas for a conference and has started a spread sheet with that info.

Troy discussed the CEO Meeting that is scheduled in Jan. Often topics are generated after that meeting.

Melanie suggested it could be beneficial for Anthony to attend one of the virtual APPA meeting so he could learn about the new trends in the field. A discussion followed regarding paying for 25 members to attend the next APPA Conference (virtual) for $2000. Others discussed the potential number of members who would want to attend. CJ suggested a survey to see how many would be interested in attending. This would help us determine which route we should take.

Troy made a motion that POPAI purchase the group option to the winter APPA Conference for a minimum of the 25 members to attend and at the maximum of 60 to attend at the cost of $5000. Bob seconded. All were in favor. Motion carried. Troy will send a survey to the members to see who will be interested to attend.



Chief's Executive Committee

The next meeting will be on January 29 @ 11am in Peru. If conditions are not possible for the meeting to be in person, it will be offered virtually.

Juvenile Delinquency Alternative Initiative (JDAI) Update

Esther stated:

  • State Steering Committee Meeting will be held tomorrow – agenda includes presentation on the ADAPT project, State workgroup presentations and more.
  • JDAI/DOC grant applications will be released sometime this month for funding that begins July 1, 2021
  • The JDAI Executive Committee approved development of a process to include youth on the Committee and potentially a sub-committee of the State Steering Committee.

Probation Officer Advisory Board Update

Heather stated the last meeting was October 20. She said she missed the education and supervision portion of the meeting. If the 2021 Conference is virtual, it could be separate days, instead of consecutive days. They are working on the case management portion. They are hoping to offer the STATIC and STABLE again for free, but it is not certain. JDAI updates were provided. The Children’s Commission was discussed. JRAC – there are recordings available if others want to view.

IOCS-They will have new office hours for call in for problem solving/A and D/Pre-trial. They asked for everyone to review the transfer contact list on the website to verify the information. Augustus Award – unsure if they will do so this year or wait until next year.

It was asked if POAB would allow POPAI to share the minutes on the website, but there was not an answer. They scheduled the 2021 meetings. January 12 is next meeting.

Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council (JRAC)

Adam stated the last meeting was on 10-28 and next one will be 11-16-2020.

Jail Population – The subcommittee discussed and reaffirmed the findings from last year.

Legislation- One is to review the license reinstatement/suspension. It was discussed if these are situations that are crimes of contempt or of poverty. Two, revisions to the bail statute which requires the Court to release a defendant w/out bail, if the highest level is a misdemeanor, unless the Court determines the bail it is necessary. Three, it will require counties to create a local JRAC. The bill outlines who the members should be of the local committee.

CJ will attend the next meeting for Adam.


(IC 36-1-8.5 Change to include restricting addresses on GIS of probation officers)

Troy explained about Cherie’s conversation him about a probation addresses being accessible on the local GIS system. The last legislative section POPAI was involved with having probation officer’s information restricted, but it was different information. The executive board discussed this and contacted the lobbyist about requesting probation officer/correction officer to be added to the statue. The lobbyist suggested this being added to another bill.

Troy reminded everyone if they have any legislative concerns/questions to please let him know as soon as possible because this is the time to have the conversations.

Adam talked about the state revenue forecast that will prepared by the end of 2020. He believes there will be less funding available in the future so we are eager to see the results.


Karen provided the board the monthly report by email.

In October Karen worked with normal maintenance tasks and quickly recognized and resolved one hack event. Karen finished a large project so our public-facing website and database screens are updated with PHP 5.6. The Tech Committee started gathering thoughts about what to update next.

Bylaws & Strategic Plan Ad Hoc Committee

Troy said there will be a quarterly review after the new year.

Race & Gender Fairness Commission

Lakeisha advised Troy there will be update in December.

Old Business

Adam received the proposal from Brian and he will send to the board. We will table the discussion for the December Meeting.


New Business

Anthony asked about the technology platform for future virtual training. Heather recommended talking to Nancy Weaver from JDAI. Anthony has discussed a few options he had researched. He will send the information/link to the board members so we can then discuss at the December meeting.

Heather asked if we will have a new CPO Training in 2021 and that has not been determined.

Lindsey asked about information that was stated at the probation officer orientation concerning early discharge. A discussion followed regarding the probation officer standards and that local rules will determine the procedure. She asked about the process of contacting those in her district. Bob said he had a few in his district who stated they would like to attend one of the board meetings in the future. We decided the meeting information will be requested from the district rep or Karen.

We discussed the gift for Susan and agreed to table for the December meeting.


Next Meeting

Executive Board Meeting – Wednesday, December 9, 2020 at 10:30