Christine Kerl

Christine Kerl

Of all the people getting arrested and charged, the criminal justice system hopes the most that the youngest do not become repeat offenders.

The construction of a new juvenile detention center as well as gift bags filled with personal care items given to youth currently on probation illustrate the different approaches Marion County is taking to reform and rehabilitate. Big projects, like building a new space that incorporates best practices in juvenile justice, and small initiatives, like handing out bottles of shampoo, are all part of the effort.

Christine Kerl, chief probation officer for the Marion Superior Court Probation Department, oversaw the gift bag activity. She pointed out the larger message that the justice system is trying to convey.

“… (W)e truly care about our youths’ success and about our families,” Kerl said, “and we’re looking for ways to be supportive, and often the families aren’t used to that.”

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