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Within the past few months the National Institute of Corrections has released an update to Thinking for a Change, transitioning from 3.1 to 4.0. Webinars will include information about the transition from Thinking for a Change 3.1 to the updated 4.0 materials, as well as a refresher on program standards.  Only those instructors who complete the T4C Update webinar will be eligible to continue teaching the Thinking for a Change program. NIC  now requires governmental corrections agencies, or those private or non-profit governmental service deliverers, to provide verification of successful completion of a minimum 32-hour Thinking for a Change Formal Facilitator Training.  The purpose of this is to ensure those delivering the program are properly trained to implement and deliver the program to correctional clients with fidelity.


If you have already been trained as a T4C facilitator, please click here to apply for access to T4C 4.0.