Follow six individuals as they navigate the winding road from incarceration across state lines to community supervision closer to home. They are transfer candidates of the Interstate Compact, a collection of regulations and rules guiding the movement of individuals who have been incarcerated miles from home. The compact gives them the chance to serve the remainder of their sentences among family and social supports, which have been shown to have a positive effect on reducing the likelihood of an individual committing future crime.

This one-hour documentary tells the story of the compact through the lives of men and women from around the country as they navigate the transfer process in real time. Each person has a different story, a different crime, and unusual circumstances that affect their eligibility to transfer based on compact rules. As we follow them through the process, we hear from family members and others as they describe how the compact has affected them personally and how their lives might change if only their father, mother, brother, or wife can finally come home.