Community corrections leaders must now be skilled in adapting to an everchanging landscape of challenges that have been exacerbated by external factors – a pandemic, inflation, underfunding, and negative public perceptions of justice system workers. Now, more than ever, leaders need proven processes for prioritizing workloads with the intent of reducing or eliminating outdated practices; operating underfunded programs; expanding their ability to identify, hire, and retain staff; and fostering a work environment that promotes professional growth within a healthy, culturally sensitive workplace. Addressing these challenges can be overwhelming, especially as many departments are experiencing major staff shortages. An important question for many community corrections leaders is: How are agencies creatively meeting operational needs and prioritizing performance expectations even though they are experiencing workforce labor challenges.
This webinar aims to examine the causes of this unprecedented challenge of finding workers to fill vacant position and staff retention, discuss strategies to mitigate the negative impact of staff shortages, and provide creative solutions to meeting performance expectations with limited staff.

Who can view: Everyone
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