Taking up the Torch: Amy Karozos assumes new role as State Public Defender

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Indiana Court Times on 5/4/2020 by David Sexton

In December 2019, Stephen Owens retired from the position of State Public Defender, after serving for eight years as leader of the office. His full career in the State Public Defender’s Office lasted for over 33 years. The State Public Defender’s Office is a judicial branch agency. The Public Defender is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Indiana Supreme Court.

“I like that feeling when everyone is satisfied with the process—especially kids—when they think they were treated fairly…it makes such a difference.” -Amy Karozos, State Public Defender / photo by Josh Hicks

The justices of the Supreme Court, after a four-month selection process, chose Amy Karozos to serve a four-year term as State Public Defender. She has assumed the role, well-attuned to the legacy and importance of public defense in Indiana. Karozos is a graduate of the Indiana University McKinney School of Law. She was a Project Director for the Indiana Public Defender Council and most recently worked as a Marion County Juvenile Court public defender.

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