Susan Rice, Miami County’s CPO Takes Oath of Office as APPA’s Vice President

POPAI’s own Susan Rice takes the Oath of Office as the newly elected Vice President of the American Probation and Parole Association in San Francisco.

Election Results

The American Probation and Parole Association is pleased to announce the election of new officers and members of its Board of Directors. The newly elected officers are Brian Lovins, Susan Rice, Thomas Gregory, and Joe Russo. As such, officers of the Board of Directors for the next two-year period (effective at the closing of the Annual Institute) will be:


Tim Hardy, Director, Yuma County Juvenile Justice Center (Arizona)

President Elect

Brian Lovins, PhD., Principal, Justice System Partners (Texas)

Vice President

Susan Rice, Chief Probation Officer, Miami County Probation Department (Indiana)


Thomas M. Gregory, Director, Vermilion County Probation (Illinois)


Joe Russo, Program Manager, University of Denver (Colorado)

APPA’s executive director, Veronica Cunningham, stated, “I am thrilled to welcome these talented individuals to their respective seats on the Board of Directors. Their unique backgrounds and diverse experience will make each of them a great asset to the Board of Directors and the association as a whole.”