The 60+ page Supreme Court annual report provides information about the work of the Court and its affiliated agencies during the fiscal year (July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023). In addition to providing statistics on the cases considered by the Court, the report also details the administrative work of the judicial branch.

Some of the information included in the data, milestones, and important projects, include:

  • The five justices reviewed more than 700 cases, heard 40 oral arguments, and handed down 35 majority opinions
  • 80% of Court opinions were unanimous
  • The Mental Health Summit brought stakeholders from all three branches of government together to discuss needed resources and potential strategies to provide better care
  • Local judges were given the authority to allow news media to record and broadcast from their courtrooms
  • Nearly 11 million users accessed a total of 63 million times and downloaded documents more than 25 million times
  • Nearly 62,000 requests for help were handled by Court Technology
  • Over 150 problem-solving courts were certified or in planning stages
  • The work of judicial selection commissions around the state included filling 4 trial court vacancies and 4 appellate court vacancies
  • Over 130 on-demand seminars were available for judicial officers and justice system stakeholders

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