State of Judiciary to be written and remote report

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Indiana Supreme Court on 01/12/2021 by Indiana Supreme Court

A written report on the Indiana State of the Judiciary will be made available prior to the close of the legislative session at Chief Justice Loretta Rush said, “I will provide a formal update on the work of the judicial branch through a written report and a remote message. Even in these challenging times there are success stories I am eager to share as courts across the state are resolving cases.”

Pursuant to Article 7, Section 3, of the Indiana Constitution, the Chief Justice submits regular reports to the General Assembly on the “condition of the courts.” Traditionally, the Chief Justice has made an annual address to the Governor along with House and Senate members in a joint session of the General Assembly. The in-person audience also includes over one hundred trial and appellate court judges from across the state, prosecutors, public defenders, clerks, law school deans, pro bono and bar association leaders, and other judicial branch stakeholders. This year, Chief Justice Rush will not ask guests to attend an in-person event. Instead, she will provide an update on the courts through a published online report and video message.