In 2022, the General Assembly repealed the Juvenile Informal Adjustment Fee effective July 1, 2023. See P.L. 101-2022 (HEA 1359 sections 21 and 22). On July 1, 2023, courts can no longer order this fee, nor can a probation department collect the fee.

The informal adjustment fee could have been assessed as a lump sum or a recurring monthly assessment for the period of the informal adjustment.

Court Technology has taken steps to remove/obsolete this fee from the Odyssey system and the Supervised Release System (SRS) as of July 1. Courts and/or probation departments may need to take action to ensure the monthly fee is not collected for an informal adjustment that runs after July 1. No refunds are anticipated even if the fee was assessed as a lump sum for an informal adjustment lasts beyond July 1.

For SRS users, there are instructions on the Cheatsheets page. For the six counties (Bartholomew, Jasper, Lawrence, Marion, Parke, and Posey) using Odyssey to assess this fee,
please contact the Court Technology Help Desk for a list of cases that may need to be adjusted.


General legal questions about the change, please contact Jeff Wiese.

Odyssey or SRS technical questions, please contact the Help Desk ( or