The Recovery Simulation was an interactive opportunity for those who may interact with persons in early recovery, such as professionals working in healthcare, criminal justice, human service, and elected officials. The purpose of the event is to better understand the common challenges, expectations, and stigma encountered by people in early substance use disorder recovery.

It was co-sponsored by State Representative Donna Oberlander.

Between two sessions, more than 70 people were able to experience the struggles that individuals in early recovery from substance use disorder face day to day. Participants went through a simulated month in the life of a person in early recovery, with 15-minute increments representing a week in which multiple tasks needed to be completed.

The three-hour session took place at the Ramada Hotel in Clarion and involved numerous volunteers who manned tables as social service agencies, mental health providers, transportation services, probation officers, employment agencies, childcare, jail, and more.