Recovery at Work Video Series Goal: This video series aims to assist in increased access, how to navigate resources to gain and maintain employment for individuals in recovery and/or with justice involvement. Additionally, employers will receive education on how to overcome their own stigma and work towards becoming a recovery ready employer.

What Viewers Can Expect: The series covers crucial areas including:

  • Skill-building for employment
  • Motivational and inspirational content
  • Expert insights on overcoming challenges

Training Modules Include:

  1. Module 1: Helping Individuals Address Their Own Stigma
    • Insights on entering or reentering the workforce
    • Strategies for overcoming personal stigma or self-doubt
  2. Module 2: Resume Writing – Filling Out Employment Applications
    • Understanding skill-based resumes
    • Tips for completing employment applications effectively
  3. Module 3: Interviewing – With Integrity, Interviewing the Company
    • The significance of language in sharing personal stories during interviews
    • Key considerations when assessing a company during an interview
  4. Module 4: Recovery Ready Employers
    • Identifying common traits among successful recovery-ready employers
  5. Stories of Recovery
    • Individuals find success in recovery with the assistance of their employers.