For the past several years, the POPAI Executive Board has been advocating for increases to the Minimum Salary Schedule for Probation Officers.  You can read the most recent version of our proposal here

Many of you know, our proposal gained favor with a subcommittee of judicial officers tasked with reviewing potential changes to the salary schedule.  The proposal was forwarded to the Probation Committee for the Judicial Conference and unfortunately, our proposal remains with the Probation Committee and will not move forward to the Board of Directors for consideration, in part due to the fiscal impact our requested increases will have. 

Since learning our proposal would not advance, the POPAI Executive Board launched a new endeavor and engaged with NFP’s Indianapolis Compensation Consulting practice to complete a compensation analysis for the probation officer position across Indiana.  The information gained through this analysis is included in this document.  We hope the information contained in the document will be used to advocate for higher salaries in local budget requests for 2025.

We will continue our efforts in advocating for fair and competitive compensation for probation officers in Indiana. Thank you for bring a member of POPAI and thank you for your ongoing support.

Recommended 2025 Minimum Salary Schedule for Probation Officers