Thank you to all the individuals who expressed interest in serving on the POPAI Board.

Our newest members are:
Stephanie Cole, Howard County: District 3 Representative
Angela Morris, Johnson County: District 5 Representative

Lindsey Villalpando, Andria Geigle, Bob Schuster, Rupert Strawbridge, and Jenny Lampert return in their positions.

See our current Board Members here

Thank you to everyone who nominated an outstanding POPAI Member for our Fall Awards.

Vicki Cale, 2023 POPAI Line Officer of the Year

Vicki Cale, 2023 POPAI Line Officer of the Year

Abigail O'Brien, Putnam County

Abigail O’Brien, Putnam County

2023 Rookie of the Year is Abigail O’ Brien, Putnam County Probation
2023 Line Probation Officer of the Year is Vicki Cale, Wells County Probation

Learn more about these exceptional Probation Professionals next week.

There were no nominations for the 2023 Founder’s Award.