Our membership year runs January to December, and we’re already preparing for 2024. Within the next week (October 30 – November 2) Chiefs, Directors, and Administrators who have received Department Membership invoices historically will be receiving a unique link to their 2024 Editable Department Invoice.

These invoices, privately located in our Google Drive, are not due today. We’ve discovered it’s wise to prepare for the new year and make these available now so any department leader can decide if, when, and how to use their funding towards POPAI membership.

The editable nature sets us up as collaborators. Every part of the invoice from date to team names to totals is editable. When ready, the department leader can download a copy of the invoice and submit it for payment. When payment arrives at POPAI World Headquarters, we can search by Invoice Number and find all your edits and corrections to accurately credit POPAI Memberships.

It’s important to note that memberships purchased for 2024 are the property of the County/Department until January 6. If a department pays for an officer and they’ve left employment before January 5 we will apply that membership to someone else in the department. Refer to the Membership Page¬† in the section Departments Paying Ahead for Memberships for the policy statement.

Corporate Membership details will be released at a later date. Karen at ContactUsAtPOPAI@gmail.com

Update 11-06-2023: All 2024 POPAI Membership Department Invoices have been generated and 90% of them have been distributed with a handful that I’m sending personally this week. If I missed you please email me.

Karen ContactUsAtPOPAI@gmail.com