John Bush, of the Delaware County Probation Department, is presented the “Line Probation Officer of the Year Award.”

John Bush, of the Delaware County Probation
Department, is presented the “Line Probation Officer of the Year Award.”

On Thursday, September 8, 2022 at the Probation Officers Professional Association of Indiana (POPAI) annual fall conference, John Bush, of the Delaware County Probation Department, was presented the “Line Probation Officer of the Year Award.”

This award was established in 2014 to recognize line probation officers who have performed their duties in an outstanding manner and/or made significant contributions to the field of probation at the local, regional or national level. The recipient may also have brought credit or honor to the profession of probation through participation or involvement in community activities or programs.

Chief Probation Officer Jeffrey Hansard states “In 2021 officers in our department were challenged to “think big” in finding solutions to the challenges that our community faced as a result of the pandemic, many of which led to especially negative outcomes for our clients. Officer John Bush, a fifteen year veteran of Delaware County Probation, saw these challenges as opportunities, and was able to build upon what he was already doing informally from his office, which was coordinating with local employers to find job vacancies for unemployed probationers. These efforts culminated in the development of a specialized employment program entitled “JUMP” or Judicial Users Manufacturing Partnership.” Jeffrey goes on to state “John wrote the entire social-learning JUMP Program proposal all while still supervising a full caseload and maintaining his court related duties. Due to the exceptional quality of the proposal and the fact that it was a solution-oriented approach to multiple problems that the community was facing, JUMP quickly garnered the support of our Judges, Prosecutor, Sheriff, Commissioners, economic development entities, IVY Tech State College, as well as over two dozen local manufacturing companies. The main reason why JUMP has been so widely supported by these various entities is because of John’s passion, humbleness, and ability to see how probation fits into the “big picture” when it comes to facilitating public/private partnerships so that we can develop real world solutions to the challenges our clients and communities face.”

Judge John Feick of the Delaware Circuit Court 4 states “John’s paperwork, including Pre-Sentence Investigations, are exceedingly accurate, thorough, and consistent. In addition to his writing skills, he is always proficient in the Courtroom. Over the years, John has made it his personal mission to find meaningful employment for his probationers. Due to his efforts, many are employed and supporting their families and fulfilling their financial obligations. John’s involvement with his clients doesn’t end upon completion of probation. He has an open door with his past probationers to talk with them and help them work through their challenges. John is one of the rare public officials that does not settle for the minimum but seeks to go above and beyond his duties to assist those in need.”

Congratulations John!