The POPAI Logo has a rich history and meaning. The image we’ve been using was based on these principles:

Words Around the Outside: A Probation Officer keeps the balance of needs of the community and needs of the individual in mind 

Key: Freedom

Torch: Enlightenment

Lines: Pathways to Freedom

“The key to freedom is understanding and understanding begins with enlightenment.”


Here’s the image of the proposal from the original graphic artist.

The POPAI Board continues to value the tradition and meaning behind our logo. Recently we hired a graphic artist to help with our branding (colors, graphics, and fonts). Over the next few months you’ll notice us rolling out a new look which is intentionally based on our traditions. The new version of the logo is so similar you’ll still feel comfortable wearing your vintage POPAI gear with pride.

New elements will include these two styles in a few different ways and you’ll see our colors move toward blues with gold highlights: