On September 8, 2022 the POPAI Membership approved the new bylaws.

Summary of the major changes:

  • Prohibits an active Executive Board member from contracting with the Association.
  • Creates two new At-Large Board Members, which will expand the voting members of the POPAI Executive Board to 16 and redefines a quorum to 8 members as a result.  These two positions will initially be appointments to the Board with one seat to be elected in odd-numbered years and one seat to be elected in even-numbered years.
  • Clarifies that an Executive Board member may run for a different office while holding a position on the Board.
  • Decreases the number of consecutive meetings a Board member may miss to two before that member may be dismissed from the Board.
  • Increases the number of required meetings of the Executive Board to six per calendar year.
  • Ends the voting period for elections at one hour before the annual business meeting.
  • Changes the timeline for bylaw amendments to begin 60 days prior to the annual business meeting and provides a minimum 30 day comment period before final revisions are presented to the Association.

Download the 2022 Bylaws as a PDF Document