Ohio voted to legalize recreational marijuana. Why Indiana is unlikely to do the same

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Courier Press on 11/9/2023 by Brittany Carloni Kayla Dwyer

Ohio voters’ decision Tuesday to legalize recreational marijuana paves the way for its availability in three of the four states neighboring Indiana.

Still, Hoosiers are not likely to see strides on marijuana legalization.

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb historically has said he would not take action on legalization while marijuana remains illegal at the federal level. In the Statehouse, legalization is an annual topic that never advances, even as Republicans have started in recent years to hop on board. A legislative committee on the topic last week did not come to any agreements on recommendations for the 2024 session.

And unlike in Ohio and 20 other states, Hoosiers don’t have the means to put the question on the ballot themselves.