The Highland County Probation Department hosted a training event Oct. 4, 2023, to bring together members from various law enforcement agencies, including the Highland County Probation Department, the Ross County Probation Department and the Greenfield Police Department.

The training covered important topics such as how probation officers should use force, updates to their policies and legal requirements, and techniques for dealing with situations that may require them to control subjects. The training was conducted by Brandan Holliday, a certified instructor from the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA). He led an eight-hour course to enhance the officers’ knowledge and awareness of these aspects. The training material was a joint effort between chief Gary Breeden and instructor Brandan Holliday. They worked together to create the training content.

Breeden, head of the probation department, highlighted the value of this event as an opportunity for staff to connect with neighboring law enforcement agencies. It allowed them to collaborate on issues related to the supervision, custody and management of probationers who might pose a risk of violence.

In addition to the probation department staff, county commissioner David T. Daniels and sheriff candidate Randy Sanders attended the event as observers.