Agenda 10-11-2017

  1. Call to Order
  2. Old Business
  3. Availability and Certification of Treatment Providers and Treatment Facilities
  4. Extending Support Services to Misdemeanants
  5. Serious Mental Illness and the Death Penalty
  6. Requiring Bills Creating Crimes And Increasing Penalties To Be Reviewed By An Interim Study Committee
  7. Other Business and Announcements
  8. Adjournment

MINUTES 10-11-2017


(1) List comparing Indiana’s maximum penalties for sale of five grams of heroin, first offense, no enhancing circumstances with six other states and federal statutes
(2) Letter from Indiana Judges Association to Rep. Steurwald concerning criminal sentencing reform
(3) Exhibit prepared by trial courts technology staff concerning offenders convicted and sentenced without any post-conviction confinement
(4) Department of Correction’s response to questions from Sept 19th meeting
(5) HEA 1006 Fiscal Year Analysis Prepared by KSM Consulting
(6) Presentation by Matt Brooks President and CEO Indiana Council of Community Mental Health Centers
(7) Data Report, 2016 Indiana Mental Health Professionals Licensure Survey Prepared by the Bowen Center for Health Workforce
(8) Candice Rothenbuhler President Indiana Opiate Treatment Provider Association (INTOD)
(9) Bernice Corley, Indiana Public Defenders Council, suggested language for IC 12-263-19-3
(10) Matthew Ellis Hoosier Alliance for Serious Mental Illness Exemption Handouts
(11) Biography of Jill Bolte Taylor Ph.D.
(12) Kevin Moore, Division of Mental Health and Addiction presentation concerning Recovery Works and assistance for misdemeanants