Gov. McKee (Rhode Island) names first formerly incarcerated person to RI Parole Board

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The Providence Journal on 11/19/2021 by Katie Mulvaney

Peter Sloam

Peter Sloam

Rhode Island College Prof. Fredric Reamer remembers when Peter Slom came before the Parole Board in 1992, some 26 months into his six-year sentence for dealing cocaine.

“I clearly remember being impressed with his insight, his grasp of the circumstances that led to his arrest and incarceration,” said Reamer, a longtime Parole Board member.

“He had thought through what he had determined to do with his life,” Reamer continued.

Now 31 years in recovery and just shy of six months into his retirement, Slom is taking on his latest role in a career dedicated to criminal justice and serving the community in Rhode Island. Gov. Daniel McKee has appointed Slom, 66, to the Rhode Island Parole Board, making him the first formerly incarcerated person to take a seat on the board.