In April 2022, the Marion Circuit and Superior Courts moved to a new courthouse on the east side of Indianapolis. The project was managed by the 4-member Marion Superior Court Executive Committee and Presiding Judge Amy Jones. Judge Marc Rothenberg chaired the technology efforts for the new facility. Judges Jones and Rothenberg have shared their top five favorite things in the new facility.

1. Exhibit display system

We installed state-of-the-art evidence and presentation display systems—called NOMAD—in each courtroom. Customized for our courts’ needs, NOMAD allows photographic, physical, audio, and video evidence to be displayed (and even zoomed in at high-resolution) to the court, parties, public, and jurors. Gone are the days of parties trying to haul boxes of evidence into the courtroom. Now parties, including self-represented litigants, can use their own devices to share their evidence.

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