The team that facilitates Family Recovery Court in Clark County.

The team that facilitates Family Recovery Court in Clark County. Photo credit Libby Cunningham

CLARK COUNTY — Hope filled the Clark County Magistrate Court on Wednesday afternoon.

It was standing-room-only for the celebration of National Treatment Court Month and people participating in Clark County’s Family Treatment Court listened to stories from people who’ve graduated the program.

Jenevieve Elliott was up first.

The New Albany mom stood alongside a longtime supporter in her recovery, Melissa Goforth Bale, as she encouraged people taking part in the rigorous program to not give up.

“In March 2022 I was one of the first people since COVID to celebrate my graduation in person and hug my judge,” Elliott said. “All those people just want what’s best for you and your babies. They’re not here to hurt you at all.”

Elliott told her story of her struggle with sobriety and the moment she took a chance on herself to get clean for good and entered into her last recovery center.

“While I was there, I was served with an eviction notice. I went through horrible withdrawals from suboxone, but ultimately I could feel God’s energy up there, hiking in the woods, watching sunsets,” she said. “…I always say God smacked me in the face that day. The founders were also co-founders of Northside Christian Church, which had been my church since 2000.”

Clark County Magistrate Lisa Garcia Reger commended the people taking part in the court for their hard work.

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