Attract the Right Talent/Updating Job Descriptions Workshops (Free)

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Join Natalie Wenzler of TechPoint to learn how to make inclusive changes to your job postings through interactive workshops, change management, and community engagement. Natalie is a former Probation Officer so she has lots of ideas about how to specifically help Probation and Community Corrections implement improved response rate to job postings.

Aligning with Mission41K to inclusively grow the Indiana tech workforce by 41,000 by 2030, you will:

  • Learn how skills-based hiring helps to increase diversity, reduce biases, and improve retention
  • Practice updating job postings to be skills-based
  • Gain access to online learning to share with colleagues
  • Receive resources and community support to update job postings

The Skills-First Learning Experience is comprised of three meetings for a total of 6 hours over a 6 week period with in-person and virtual options. The final meeting will combine the in-person and virtual cohorts for a rich peer-to-peer learning opportunity.

Meeting #1: Attract the Right Talent/Updating Job Descriptions to be Skills-First (3 hours, Week 1)

Meeting #2: Skills-First Practice and Change Management (2 hours, Week 2)

Meeting #3: Reflections and Progress with Skills-First Adoption (1 hour, Week 6)


  • February: 2/8/23 (1pm – 4pm), 2/15/23 (2pm – 4pm), 3/13/23 (3pm – 4pm) ET
  • March: 3/8/23 (1pm – 4pm), 3/15/23 (2pm – 4pm), 4/10/23 (3pm – 4pm) ET
  • **Workshops will be held at 16 Tech / TechPoint offices at 1210 Waterway Blvd., Indianapolis, 46204


  • February: 2/7/23 (1pm – 4pm), 2/14/23 (2pm – 4pm), 3/13/23 (3pm – 4pm) ET
  • March: 3/7/23 (1pm – 4pm), 3/14/23 (2pm – 4pm), 4/10/23 (3pm – 4pm) ET

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