Acting Probation Commissioner accompanies [Massachusetts] Lawrence District Court staff on home visits

Lawrence District Court Probation Officer Juan Rodriguez, Acting Probation Commissioner Dianne Fasano, and Lawrence District Court Probation Officer Shanik Aponte

Acting Probation Commissioner Dianne Fasano joined Lawrence District Court Probation Officer Juan Rodriguez and Shanik Aponte on visits to the homes of eight probationers recently.

Lawrence District Court Chief Probation Officer Renee Lamothe said she and her staff were honored to have Acting Commissioner Fasano accompany them. After the home visits, Ms. Fasano joined the probation staff for lunch. In addition to lunch, they enjoyed light banter.

“The joke of the day was that they only visited probationers that lived on the third floor– forcing Ms. Fasano to walk up multiple flights of stairs. We really enjoyed and appreciated her visit, time and attention to the work that we are doing here in Lawrence,” said Chief Lamothe.