The Probation Officers Professional Association of Indiana (POPAI) Executive Board has concerns the minimum salary schedule for probation officers has not changed since adopted in its current form on September 10, 2002 and implemented January 1, 2004.  Though some cost of living adjustments have occurred in the years since its adoption, these increases have not permitted the schedule to keep pace with inflation and other professions that also require a bachelor’s degree to perform.

On March 25, 2022, POPAI finalized and published a Proposal to Amend the Minimum Salary Schedule for Indiana Probation Officers.  Since that time, the Board has make revisions to the proposal and included several addendums and amendments.  We have engaged with the Probation Officers Advisory Board, Indiana Office of Court Services, and the Judicial Conference with our recommendations.  After taking into consideration the 2024 salary schedule and additional information, the Board adopted a new set of recommendations on September 22, 2023 for the 2025 minimum salary schedule.

The following document incorporates all previous proposals, revisions, and addendums. As you read through the document, please feel free to contact any member of the POPAI Executive Board with questions or comments.  You can also use our general email ( and it will be forwarded to the Board.  We appreciate hearing from our members about the work we are doing for you!  Thank you for your support.

POPAI Proposal to Amend PO Salary Scale Third Revision 09222023