Abigail O'Brien, Putnam County

Abigail O’Brien, Putnam County

On Thursday, September 21, 2023 at the Probation Officers Professional Association of Indiana (POPAI) annual fall conference, Abigail O’ Brien, of Putnam County Probation, was awarded the “Rookie Probation Officer of the Year Award”.

The Rookie Probation Officer of the Year Award was established in 2014 to recognize probation officers who, while at the beginning of their career, show the attitude, aptitude and desire to improve themselves and to develop into among their peers.

Abigail joined the Putnam County Department in Jan 2022. In May, she became a certified probation officer and in October, she was certified as a Court Substance Abuse Management Specialist.

Chief Probation Officer Teresa Parrish states O’Brien is a forward thinker and has taken a program that needed change and helped turn it into a program that can reduce recidivism. She is always willing to help her clients and her coworkers.

Judge Matthew Headley states O’Brien has excelled as the Assistant Director of the Alcohol and Drug Program. Her PSI reports are complete, accurate and thoughtful. During her first case, she was able to think outside the box, which enabled the client to receive the needed services. She is now working with the court and prosecutor on a felony drug pretrial diversion program.

Congratulations Abigail.