2020 Forward: A Vision for the Future of Indiana’s Justice System

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Indiana Court Times on 01/12/2021 by Michelle Goodman

The Judicial Conference of Indiana’s Strategic Planning Committee continues to set a vision for the future of Indiana’s justice system. Since the committee’s inception in 2008, it has continued its efforts through education, implementation, and additional planning to carry out its overall mission, “[t]o improve our system of justice under the rule of law while protecting individual rights and liberties in a fair, impartial, equally accessible, prompt, professional, and efficient manner.”

On September 15, 2020, the Judicial Conference approved the current strategic plan put forth by the 12-member Committee. This 20-page plan reaffirms prior areas of focus as well as incorporating new goals for enhancing and improving our justice system. The plan also took stock in prior achievements made by the judiciary and stakeholders over the last decade, such as:

  • increasing continuing education requirements for judges by 50%
  • amending Trial Rule 77 to provide courts and clerks with better direction on court records
  • legislation to require city and town court judges be attorneys going forward
  • implementation of the merit selection process for Marion County Superior Courts
  • continuing to provide training opportunities for court staff and clerks