Youth And Family Partnerships In Youth Justice Efforts – A Two-Part (Recorded) Webinar Series

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The Council of State Governments Justice Center on 3/23/2023

Juvenile justice systems are increasingly recognizing the importance of fostering meaningful partnerships with youth and families, but jurisdictions often struggle to do so. In addition, youth and families are often left out of broader jurisdiction-wide system improvement efforts. With support from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), The Council of State Governments (CSG) Justice Center, in partnership with Georgetown University’s Center for Juvenile Justice Reform (CJJR), is pleased to announce an innovative webinar series designed to guide jurisdictions on how to partner with youth and families more effectively in systemic ways and to provide models and best practices from across the country.

In addition to the webinar series, Building a Strategy and Shifting the Culture is our framework that guides these efforts to support jurisdictions in making a fundamental shift away from an ad-hoc, system-centered approach to a culture and strategy that centers families in supervision and service policies and practices.

The brief includes the framework and examples from jurisdictions in action.

Slides outline key questions and action steps.

A webinar held last year featured a family-driven organization that works to ensure that family voice and power are present across all system decision points.

For additional information and resources, please visit OJJDP’s new Youth and Family Partnerships webpage. All of OJJDP’s funding solicitations include a youth and family partnership component. Open funding opportunities are available here.