‘The system needs overhaul’ | Indiana prosecutor puts himself on probation to expose breakdowns in the criminal justice system

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WHAS on 2/26/2021 by Shay McAlister, Jackelyn Jorgensen

Harrison County Prosecutor Otto Schalk signed up for probation in an attempt to expose the breakdowns plaguing the criminal justice system in his community.

HARRISON COUNTY, Ind. — The Indiana Constitution mandates that the criminal justice system is built upon reformation, including opportunities for defendants to chose a better path forward.

But, are the penalties helping or hurting?

“Ten years of prosecuting has really changed my opinion on a lot of things,” Prosecutor Otto Schalk said.

For the last decade, Schalk has served as prosecutor in rural Harrison County, Indiana. During that time, he’s realized how decisions he makes as prosecutor can have long-lasting impacts on those working their way through the system.