POPAI Chief, Assistant Chief, and Probation Supervisor Mentor Program

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POPAI Vision: To champion probation as a vital part of the criminal justice system.

POPAI Mission: To promote, support, and grow the profession of probation in Indiana by collaborating with criminal justice partners, advancing and protecting the interests of our membership, and providing education and professional development opportunities in the use of evidence-based community supervision practices.

In service of our above Vision and Mission statements POPAI is excited to announce our Mentor Program.

Each year new leaders are appointed or hired to serve their respective jurisdictions. POPAI recognizes our very vital role in welcoming these new leaders and acclimating them to the demanding roles they have accepted.

As our membership is made up of our most respected professionals, we are soliciting current Chiefs, Assistant Chiefs, and Probation Supervisors to act as mentors to incoming leadership.

If you are selected as a volunteer mentor you are committing to the following guidelines:

  • Mentor must make initial contact with their assigned protégé within 15 days of assignment
  • Regular, monthly contact with their protégé for a minimum of one (1) year (i.e. email, telephone, etc.)
  • Hosting your protégé on-site within the first (6) months to observe you in the course of regular business
  • Conducting a site visit to the protégé’s county within the first six (6) months to help them assess their highest priority needs
  • Connecting them with other leaders as deemed appropriate
  • Participating in program surveys as requested

We believe that new leaders will best be acclimated by entering into meaningful professional relationships with their peers and that a mentor is the perfect place to start growing their professional network.

If you are interested in serving as a mentor, download a Mentor Application.

The application will only serve as a resource in matching mentors with protégés. It will take into account your location, your areas of expertise and/or special interest, and your POPAI membership status.