New POPAI Website

Dear POPAI Membership:

In early 2013, the POPAI Board added a new member to our team, Karen Oeding, as our Website Administrator.  With the help of Karen’s 20 years of website experience and infectious enthusiasm, POPAI embarked on the project of updating our organization’s website design.  Our primary goal with this redesign is to better serve the needs of the members of our organization.  The new design will enable POPAI to provide up-to-date information to our members and will include such items as:  current listings of relevant training opportunities; a calendar for events/training provided by POPAI, the Indiana Judicial Center and others; news articles related to our profession with a special focus on probation in Indiana; information regarding proposed, pending and new legislation that could affect our profession; minutes of POPAI Board meetings to keep our membership updated regarding projects, initiatives, and endeavors to promote probation in the state of Indiana.

We tried to make our site easy to navigate so here’s what we were thinking:

  • The main navigation at the top of every page takes you to “big topic sections”. If you’re looking for something that isn’t listed there, check the very bottom of any page because we put a site map with just about every page link available.
  • We’ll have a large image or two on our home page all the time that links to something we think you’ll be interested in. Normally you can just click on it to find out more information.
  • We’ve remembered that fresh articles are what brings you to the site most of the time so those are prominent on our home page after some announcements. Your Monday morning update email will soon be linked directly to the article title so you can get right to something that interests you.

The launch of this new redesign is “step one” of an ongoing process.  The POPAI Board intends to further support our organization to better serve the profession of probation by adding additional components to the website as we grow.  One such addition in the planning stages is a “members only discussion group” whereby POPAI members can ask questions of other members regarding policies, procedures, programs and other matters pertaining to our profession.  For example, just this week, a probation officer sent an email to our membership asking about user fee collections practices.  With the “discussion group,” members could share their business practices and polices/procedures.

POPAI members are encouraged to help make this website better by sending suggestions for content and providing feedback to POPAI regarding our website. Email any board member or Karen at

This website is for you.

Linda Brady,
POPAI President

Ryan Hull,
POPAI Vice-president

Karen Oeding,
POPAI Website Administrator