Indiana University launches Phase One projects for statewide addictions initiative

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Indiana University on 02/05/2018

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Indiana University School of Nursing Dean and Distinguished Professor Robin Newhouse has announced the Phase One projects of the Responding to the Addictions Crisis Grand Challenges initiative.

As part of┬áIU’s $50 million commitment to prevent, reduce and treat addictions in Indiana,┬áinitial pilot grants feature collaborative teams of faculty members, researchers, community organizations and cross-sector partners. Together, the projects will address all five focus areas of the statewide initiative: ground-level data collection and analysis; training and education; policy analysis and development; addictions science; and community and workforce development.

“These 16 projects collectively move us closer to achieving the goals of our overall, comprehensive plan, representing a critical first step in our statewide effort to battle this epidemic,” Newhouse said. “From expanding the state’s capacity to identify and treat addiction, to creating a much-needed statewide database on opioid use, or investigating the policy implications that shape this crisis, these projects will help us make meaningful progress on behalf of Hoosier families and communities across our state.”

In partnership with community hospital systems, public health departments, workforce development organizations, health care research institutes and other collaborators, the Phase One projects include the development of preventive assessment tools, treatment center capacity building and the creation of online education centers for health care professionals. The scope of these pilot programs demonstrates the breadth and capacity of the five-year initiative, with efforts spanning scientific research, programmatic development and implementation, and community engagement.