Indiana lawyer shortage slowing the wheels of justice

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WISH TV on 12/7/2022 by Richard Essex

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The constitution guarantees a speedy trial to anyone accused of a crime. Indiana is short on lawyers, which means prosecuting attorneys and public defenders are having a hard time getting cases resolved.

“I think it has slowed some for sure,” Terry Modesitt, the Vigo County Prosecutor, said.

Modesitt was recently elected to a fifth term. His office has two deputy prosecutor openings that have been vacant for a year.

The county council has approved a salary for these positions in the mid-sixties. But, Modesitt is having a tough time finding any takers.

“In my opinion, the pay is low, so it is hard to get someone. They can make a lot more money in private practice or being public defenders,” Modesitt said.